Giveaway: BTR Autographed CD “Elevate”

UPDATE: Congratulations to our winner @PerfectMirror14

In honor of our launching of, we’re giving away a signed “Elevate” cd!  The rules for winning are simple:

  • 1 winner will be chosen
  • Contest starts now and ends on Sunday April 15th
  • Winner will be randomly selected, but must 1) Be following @RequestBTR, 2) Have subscribed to, 3) Have tweeted about (at least once per/day until April 15th), and 4) “Like” our FB fan page
  • Finally, tell your friends about us because we will be having more of these contests in the future!!!

And don’t forget to bug your favorite radio station and REQUEST BTR!!

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27 Responses to Giveaway: BTR Autographed CD “Elevate”

  1. I really love your guys music nd I want to become like you guys one day I hope while I hope u guyz make more music nd will never end… Love K. D.

    [Posted edited by Admin]

  2. jennifer alanis says:

    Iloveyouguys enough said. (:

  3. Debra Shutters says:

    Joshua loves BTR and a signed CD he would love!

  4. Elizabeth O'Connell says:

    I will follow BTR, especially James, to the end of the earth & back a million times on my knees. They are the ultimate supreme band.

  5. Bruna says:

    I’m from Brazil, can I join this contest?

  6. Lacey Franklin says:

    I absolutely love BTR. They’re the ones that’ve inspired me to follow my dreams and taught me to never stop trying to reach certain goals in my life. It would be an honor to win a signed Elevate album from them :) .

  7. Paula Benitez says:

    OMG; I want that CD, please guys, follow me: @stuckwithbtr_

  8. Lauren Panka says:

    I really love you guys and I really want to win a signed album from you guys!

  9. Lauren Panka says:

    PLEASE follow me!

  10. Loren says:

    I don’t have a face book but could I still win?

  11. jeana says:

    Love btr the songs that they write are so good and this contest is great

  12. Bella says:

    I love this band so much. I never though I would be a big fan of them till I saw them in TV. They are my life ! My everything…. I would die if I see one of them! jeje Maybe im another fan, but the best part of every fan is that they have different ways of admiring this guys and loving them. I can tell you mine is really special.. I would do ANYTHING for them jeje Love each one of them …

  13. Rocio says:

    OMBTR!!! I want to win that CD autographed so much! ♥
    Argentina needs BTR! :)

  14. woooow I realy want it!! it would be amaziiinggg!! but I live in mexico :( it don’t matter? well hope no! anyway I’m not the winner, no yet ;P

  15. LoveBTRxSPN says:

    Ahh cool :D
    I want that CD 8D

  16. Celia says:

    Can people from other countries join this competition too?
    And what if you don’t have a facebook account?

  17. LoveLikeKendall says:

    I hope a girl in Holland can win this too, cause mostly they only do contests in the USA…

  18. jenn says:

    Just a proud #rushermom! Love these guys. Dream big and the world is yours!

  19. Adilene says:

    I have been requesting BTR all the time, even before this website!!! I hope I win!!!!!!! Rusher4life

  20. Lauren is a Rusher! says:

    OMBTR!!!! I have been waiting for a contest to enter for BTR!!! I really hope I am able to win this! it would be amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I always enter BTR contests but never win! maybe this is my chance!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Peace, Love, BTR

  21. Marissa Murray says:

    ..i would die

  22. Lauren is a Rusher! says:

    I love BTR and I really hope I can win this!!! :D I’ve been requesting like crazy :)

  23. becky saults says:

    I REALLY WANT THIS SO BAD! i would do absolutely anything for this!:D fingers crossed!

  24. Nina says:

    I love BTR! <3

  25. BigTimeRusher says:

    Oh I want This!!! x3

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