RUSHERS! Want to Speak with BTR?!

Rushers we have HUGE news. We’ve been contacted by a representative for members of BTR and was told that if @RequestBTR can get 10,000 followers, one of the boys from BTR will call a fan!!!

A special thanks to BTR! We love you guys!

P.S. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, the winner will be called worldwide. =)

And don’t forget to…

1) Follow us at: @RequestBTR
2) Join our fan page at: RequestBTRfanpage
3) Request BTR on Mediabase (write in your favorite BTR song at the bottom of the screen).
4) Request your favorite BTR song by calling your local radio station and tweeting them! The list of stations can be found HERE
5) Subscribe to the blog
6) Tell everyone about us! Rushers for life!

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55 Responses to RUSHERS! Want to Speak with BTR?!

  1. Chelsea N says:

    this is exciting news! :) and i think that there isn’t any reason why we should have to listen to the same songs by the same artists on our favorite stations all the time! REQUEST BTR!!! ….hopefully you guys reach that 10,000 soon! :) who knows who the lucky person will be! Good luck and @RequestBTR it’ll only be a matter of time! More Rushers will come! :)

  2. OMG!!! CALL ME BTR!!!! I AM YOUR BIGGEST FAN I SWEAR! 20 years old, rushing hard since 2009 <3 It would be a dream come true to meet you, even get a call from you! I've emailed Carlos Pena several times, there has not been a day when I didn't tweet about the boys, nor skip a day to blog about them! I created my tumblr account about a month ago and have over 1000s posts/pictures of them! Over the summer 2011, I had so much BTR stuff but after a flood in my house that ruined everything, I was left with nothing. Along the way, I was able to get some posters and start over my collection (this stuff was all donated/gifted). I don't go a day without thinking about Logan, Carlos, James, and Kendall. I'm a dedicated fan that has called radio stations over 100x a day to win tickets, made a video to get VIP tickets for the Better With You tour, and have friended over 100 people that I now call my rusher family :) My friends tease me about being in love with BTR, I honestly don't see why-if they heard their music, and knew some background about them, they probably would fall in love with them ALMOST as much as I have! Not only has BTR been my favorite band since then, but they're my role models! As a pre-med student, they've inspired me to pursue my dreams and goals towards becoming a doctor, especially when they visited the Boston Hospital! Not only then, but also (as I've watched the show) see how they've kept dreaming to reach the big life! I hope to become as dedicated towards becoming a doctor, as they have becoming my all time favorite band :) p.s. check out my website on my page :) Hope you guys reach your 10,000 follower mark (and I'll be promoting too!), so I can ask BTR to CALL ME MAYBE? :D

  3. Adilene says:

    It will be AMAZING to receive a phone call from my coverboys!!!!!!! I will do everything I can to hear BTR all over the world!!! I hope I win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They mean the world to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rusher4life!!!!!!!!!! <3

  4. I love btr and I am so exited HAAAAAAA!!!!!
    Please folow!/RequestBTR

  5. Lilly Seoud says:

    i just Big Time Rush :) I am seeing them this summer – August 9 – I REALLY WANT TO MEET THEM :) ))

  6. Justice S says:

    Leggo! Come on rushers!!! If you are a TRUE rusher then you will follow. Get them up to 10000 people. Tell you kids… Tell you wife… Tell your friends… Tell you teachers… Anyone!! Just tell them to follow! It only takes 2 seconds to push that button!!!

  7. Dani says:

    Omfg I NEED to get a call from them <3 That would seriously just make my entire life I love them so so much <3 FOLLOW @RequestBTR!

  8. Daisy says:

    If Big Time Rush were to call me, my heart would explode! I am going to tell everyone I know to follow @RequestBTR!! I hope you get there soon! :) Good luck to everyone because every rusher deserves it! <3

  9. Yo soy de Monterrey, México, no he tenido la oportunidad de conocerlos por que no tengo mucho dinero, pero encantaria ganar el CD ELEVATE me gustaria que den un concierto en mi cuidad y que me manden una foto de ustedes solo para mi, ese es mi sueño los amo chicos!! son las personas + simpáticas, tolerantes, honestos, graciosos y lindos que conosco, LOS AMO:) son Asombrosos, me haría un tatuaje que diga: SOY RUSHER X SIEMPRE.

  10. omer haron says:

    BTR i love you so much please please please call me im youre BIGGEST fan !!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE U BTR !!! please please please call me OMG in so excited !! ♥♥♥♥

  11. Emily Quinn says:

    OMG YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! I HOPE IT WILL BE ME!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

  12. Joy Chowdhury says:

    I would be so happy if I won lol, only thing I ever won before was a map pack from Ubisoft..chances are waaaaayyy agains me, but OH WELL. Music will Sound a helluva lot Better With a Call from one of the boys..but I also want something to remember it by!!!

  13. Lauren is a Rusher! says:

    I LOVE BTR! I would totally love to win a call from them!!! is there anyway that you have to enter in order to win? or will a random follower be chosen? please reply

  14. Cassi Halfhill says:

    I want to win really really really really really really really really really really REALLY bad! But..if I don’t I am gonna be happy for the person who does! I LUV BTR <3

  15. Nano says:

    So… I randomly found thiq, and Im bored so writting some stuffs with no interest… BTR will call one of us? Well not me, it’ll be too expensive! Lol Oh and is Kenneth reading those messages? Are you dude? Okay so if you are, tell your brothers, your mom, dad, girlfriend EVERYBODY to come in Paris. I feel alone RABBIT (it’s my way to say damn nicely) ! So Kenneth please read this! Oh think about create new songs, I love your voice, you’re good, really!
    See yaaaa ami!

  16. yo amoooo a carlos pena y a big time rush they awesome!

  17. ebru says:

    Is that only for US ?? or to other countrys too ???

  18. Dionne says:

    THIS IS AWESOME! <3 :) TWEET ABOUT IT RUSHERS!!! Get @RequestBTR to 10K!!! :D

  19. niki says:

    rusher for live plz coem to greece

  20. Zara says:

    Hey btr that’s is gr8 news if u want please call me and reply to me on twitter @Zara3101. Kendell and Logan never do please call me and good luck and I’m sure u have got over 10,000 followers xxx ur definate biggest fan Zara :x xxxxxx

  21. Zara says:

    Hey btr that’s is gr8 news if u want please call me and reply to me on twitter @Zara3101. Kendell and Logan never do please call me and good luck and I’m sure u have got over 10,000 followers xxx ur definate biggest fan Zara :x xxxxxx btw I’m 11 and a girl :D

  22. Lauren is a rusher! says:

    I would probably blow up their ear drums if they called me…… and cry like crazy :) I seriously would LOVE to win this, too!!

  23. charli says:

    OMBTRRRRR !!!!!! please tweet me :C love u guys sooooooo soooooo much……. Kendall You’re my superstar, boyfriend and my coverboy c: I LOVE U i’m a big rusher <3 and schmidtser :* much love!!!!!!! OMGGGGGGGG YOU GUYS ARE MY IDOLS………. los amo con todo mi corazon y con todas mis fuerzas, son una gran inspuracion, y quisiera conocerlos de verdad :* I'm married with kendall schmidt babe!!! CALL ME RUSHER<3

  24. reina says:

    omg i love to get a call from one of the btr guys!! i am a huge fan and it would mean the world to me if i got a call like i cried just seeing this and i am for sure going to get the call from one of them!!:)

  25. becky saults says:

    music sounds better with U

  26. Paula Benitez says:

    YEAH, call me btr:3 I’m from Venezuela:3

  27. Dori says:

    I would love to get a call from the boys. I’ve been in love with them since 2009. There isnt a day in my life that i cant go without listening to one song of theirs. I’ve never meet them but i still and always will love and support them no matter what. Im 16 i get made fun of for liking a “kid band”, to me you guys arent that at all! I love you guys so much!! <3

  28. carolinen noemia says:

    Brasil ama BTR…queria muito conhecer eles!!!e quem vai escolhe a vencedora?

  29. This is totally a great news! But is it possible that they WILL call rusher in INDONESIA?

  30. Elizabeth O'Connell says:

    I would love to spend personal time w/ BTR. They are four of the nicest, sweetest thoughtful guys that I’ve met, but it wasn’t enough time.

  31. Tori says:

    OMG I’d LOVE to get a call from the boys…Thank you thank you thank you for informing me about this! :) btw Logan Henderson’s biggest fan here wants to know how to like ur fan page…clicked the hyperlink above and didn’t work…oh well i WILL find a way, I love them so much!

  32. This is totally a great news and i hope i’m the chosen one to be called by BIG TIME RUSH!!!!! But is it possible that they WILL call rusher from INDONESIA??? :D :D

  33. Maria Street says:

    I would love to win!! Big Time Rush is so important to me in ways nobody can understand. They are my inspiration, addiction, idol, and role models. They all inspired me to make my dream come true- to be a professional singer just like the boys. Hearing them tell me on the phone to make my dream come true would be overly amazing. xD I want them to encourage me, both through their music, and if I hopefully win, over the phone to make my dreams come true. ♥

  34. Sophie M. says:

    I’d love to get a call from BTR :’) But i’m from France, so i know it will be impossible to get a call from them ^^ But, you said ” It doesn’t matter where you’re from, the winner will be called worldwide ” so, i don’t give up and I try my luck :)
    I think, i deserve to win because, i’m a HUGE Rusher ! Yes, i’m not a Rusher from the begining .. but i’ll be a Rusher till the end ! ♥
    The first time i listened to Big Time Rush, I would never thought they’d change my life :) I thought I was going to listen to them for just a few days/weeks, but no ! In May, it’ll be 11 months that I am a Rusher :’) I’m so proud of them ♥ They’re my idols, my heroes, my coverboys, my everything ! I can’t spend a day without listening to their songs, talking about them .. they are 24/7 in my mind @RequestBTR <— NOW ! :)

    • Sophie M. says:

      ** they are 24/7 in my mind :)
      If i get a call from my idols i’d probably cry and shake like crazy (This is what every Rushers would do, no ?! ;) ) It’s my dream !! Every Rushers deserve to win !! Well, before dreaming about that, @RequestBTR must get 10.000 followers .. so ..
      EVERYBODY GO FOLLOW —> @RequestBTR <— NOW ! ♥

  35. Mandy says:

    BTR I am absolutely positively your biggest fan! I would LOVE to get a call from you! I have been a rusher since the start and I’ve seen you in concert but it make my life to meet you or get a call from you! I love you BTR!!! <3

  36. LoveLikeKendall says:

    I’m so happy!!! This is the only contest I can join in Holland!! Normally you have to be from the USA.. BUT NOT THIS TIME!!! This is the way to my dream, I cant go to a concert or something because I live here, BUT THIS IS MY CHANCE TO ACTUALLY TALK TO THEM!!! And I can speak English (Luckily!!) So that won’t be the problem :3 SO HAPPY TO FINALLY HAVE A CHANCE!!!!!

  37. Collette Stanton says:

    OMG this is so amazing! What if Big Time Rush actually called me?!?!? That Ellis be the best thing that has ever happened to me I never get the chance to go to their concerts because they play too far away!!!! CALL ME BIG TIME RUSH!!!!!!!!!

  38. Lauressa says:

    That will be one LUCKY Rusher!!

  39. Raquel says:

    OMG thats so cool i would really like to talk to theme i would go crazy im so excited for this hope its me i really love Logan n the guys love BTR with all my heart

  40. Cecelia says:

    So once we did each step, and @RequestBTR gets 10,000 followers, how does the winner get chosen? That’s the only thing I’m not sure about… If I can get any kind of answer that would be really helpful :) Thank you!!

  41. Jessica (: says:

    OMG ! If I Win I Would DIE ! I Wish Kendall Could Call Me ! Or James Or Logan Or Carlos (; I Cant Wait For BTRSummerTour AHH August 18th xxx Please I REALLY Want To Win Asgbklogd !<3 Love You BTR ! It's Almost Been A Year ! June 28th :3

  42. Kathy says:

    Only one? Ok I think that Time of our life & Worlwide :D <3

  43. Rhiann says:

    I requested Elevate to be played on BBC Radio 1! <3

  44. LoveLikeKendall says:

    My favourite song is COVERGIRL :D

  45. Ashley Morris says:

    If I got a phone call from BTR, I would probably die! I recently got a twitter, (in February) and ive met so many fantastic Rushers! I feel that everyone deserves a call from Big Time Rush.
    People don’t realize how much they actually mean to people. I get bullied at school just for liking them! And its hard because I’m the only person who likes them in my grade so talking to someone about them is useless. If I try to say anything, people just push me away or ignore me. I’m sick of people being so judgemental! I wish everyone would give them a chance to realize how AMAZING Kendall, James, Logan, and Carlos are!

  46. Meagan Makielski says:

    This is awesome news. It would be amazing to hear from BTR. I’ve been a Rusher since the start. I would love to hear from the guys but who I would love to get a phone call from would be Logan. I am a huge Logan fan and he is insanely hot. CALL ME BIG TIME RUSH! <3

  47. Jill says:

    OMG that is so cool. I want to talk to them really bad. I would die if i won. I LOVE the songs Cover Girl, Invisible, and ELEVATE the most. Cant wait to see who wins
    Follow me on twitter @JMT_CP_JM_KS_LH

  48. Hi BTR. I love you guys. If only you would call me. If you do this, I’ll be very happy. I’m from Georgia. It is very small country but there guys you have billion fans. Everyday I think of you. I listen to your music and I imagine that you are next to me but when I stop listening to your music I recognize that all this was only dream. Please make this dream come true. I tweeted you guys so many times but I won’t give up. My favourite BTR song is WORLDWIDE. Hope you call me. Please be kind and do it for your biggest fan who is ready to do everything for you.

  49. Olivia Spain says:

    I am so proud of Big Time Rush! They have come such a long way from just being a TV show on Nickelodeon to becoming an amazing music group that has now had three tours and has travelled around the world! They are such an inspiration to me and it would be sooo cool if i got a phone call from them! :) I hope Windows Down is played everywhere today! WOO HOO! :D

  50. Lorena says:

    OMG ..!I really want you guys call me.! I can not believe it ..! IS REALLY ?? I hope to get lucky..!

  51. morgan says:

    Worldwide or invisible are defiantly my personal favorites :D RUSHERS SHALL RUSH ON FOREVER!!!!

  52. Pauline says:

    Hope you call me please be kind and do it for your biggest fan I want you back okay!

  53. Latifah says:

    OMBTR!!! Please call me. I love you guys so much. I love and support you worldwide all the way from Saudi Arabia. Please please call me :(

  54. Helena Mau says:

    Hey BTR how are you l would love to talk to you guys l listen to your songs every night before went to bed

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