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Kendall Schmidt

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  1. Hey guys my name is kelsey daniels and I really love your music and u guys inspired me to follow my dreams to become a performing like you guys one day so I’m asking you guys not to stop what you doing and please help me with my dream and I live in South Africa, Please help me…

    • hiba alami says:

      u now i’m like u !!! living morocco and i’m a real fan to big time ruush my dream is meet him once of my life i meen i’d like to be the worldwide girl then kendall and all member from BTR makes my dream come true
      i’ll cry all time when kendall give answer to another fans and never give answer to me
      i think is very sad
      PS : CERTIFIED RUSHER and proud ;D

    • Hi kenndall schmidt my name is melissa malone im 21 years old i love this band since you wer’e born and started your band Big Time Rush i just love watching your show’s on my computer and listening to your music is increadable. my dream is to meet this band because you do so much for your fans i live in corinth apt 2B new york i write songs for living and playing guitar too and i was wondering if you want to help me shooting my music videos like you do with your music. and this is your number one fan from BTR twtter.

  2. hello I’m a big fan of you and the band I have every CD. My best friend loves you and you wonder when you will come to Morocco. I hope you will come this year or next year.

  3. cara marie cooper says:

    Pleas ,pleas, pleas reply I am sooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! Desperate to win this how do I enter pleas reply u can tell me on twitter @caramarie1 pleas reply

  4. Lani de Beer says:

    I love you BTR you are great! Both me and my best friens Bianca are totally obsessed with you! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come to South Africa. Boemfontein, Free State… I told you on facebook!!!<3 I love you!

  5. my_life_is:BTR says:

    I LOVE YOU GUYS!! i’m your biggest fan!! please come to chile, Chile have got your best fan!! i’ve got so many poster of you.
    ok,please please please please please pleaseplease please follow me on twitter (MY_LIFE_IS_BTR)

  6. Danielle says:

    I think this is a great contest to get Rushers motivated to get BTR to #1at their radio stations. I just wanted to know if anyone has written to Kendall and had succes. Thanks :)

  7. Amy C says:

    Well I’m just finding out about this is I dont think I have a chance to win but I will still try. Anyways the mailing address….its legit real? Like will Kendall actually get this stuff and maybe even relpy to it?

  8. heidi says:


  9. Fernanda says:

    Hey guys,i love your music, the video of time our life is very cute!!, ando please go to Mexico. And Kendall is the best :)

  10. Ikamba says:

    When do you come to the netherlands


  11. Marie H. says:


    Ok, what can I say?! Guys you are AMAZING O________O and I Love you Logan and all rushers over the World !!! Please follow me on Twitter at . MarieHlubek Thx. ;)

  12. Malena says:

    Hey Kendall, I am fan of BTR and I love all your music, wanted to ask where they’re coming to take a consierto in Argentina, I hope your answer, I love you, greetings to BTR

  13. sua says:

    i love you guys and your music!!!
    i love kendall he is my favourite but all of you guys are great!!!!
    i will go to the summer tour in july!!!!
    and please follow me on twitter that is sua211 please!!!!

  14. Marissa Murray says:

    haha wow, i love this<3 just within a few minutes you're taken from the comfort of (insert your town here) and are thrown into the world of our amazing Rushers! it takes mere seconds to see just how far we expand. this is truly amazing. i am so proud to be apart of this fanbase, and seeing my Rusher brothers and sisters worldwide make it just that much better. and of course, lets not forget the boys that brought us all together. i love all of you guys<3 feel free to hit me up on twitter! @Marissa_Kaitlyn. sending love from Toledo, OH. (insert James Maslow moment.. NOW) xoxo, MM<3

  15. sandra says:

    hi guys
    me and my best friend we are really big fans of you!!
    you’re awesome!!
    it would be great if you come back again to germany for another concert….like munich or stuttgart :D D
    keep it up ;)

  16. kayla says:

    i love you kendall remember me from twitter i want to meet you i am you biggest nj rusher i love your music

  17. Cecelia says:

    Kendall, you are amazing and beautiful inside and out. You are one of the only people in the world that I could pour my heart out to anyone about. I used you for an essay in school about a person who inspires me. It was 6 and a half pages long, and I was the only person in my class that got an A+. I just hope that means a little something to you. There are so many reasons I have to look up to you. You give me a reason to wake up with a smile on my face every morning. You give me music I can always relate to, and smile at even when I feel like crying. You give me something to laugh at on my darkest days. You give me the gift of happiness. To the world you may just be a person with a cool job, but to me you are the world. There is just something about you that I admire and respect so immensely, my love is indescribable. My heart aches just knowing that I may never get to personally meet you and that I may never get to tell you in person that you are all that my life has become. I don’t mean for that to sound creepy or anything, but I just wish you could know that you completely changed the course of my life. You gave me self confidence and you make me believe that I can do anything. There is not a single other person in this world that means more to me than you do. You give me a reason to smile, and light up my world like nobody else. And with that I thank you for everything.. for your dedication to your fans, your love, your determination, your encouragement, and most of all for being yourself. Rushers are the luckiest people on earth to have you.. without you we would be nothing. You are my inspiration, my motivation, my drive and determination. Without you, I wouldn’t have that music that I love so much. I wouldn’t have all the laughs I let out due to your adorable sense of humor. I wouldn’t feel my heart beat so much faster whenever I hear a new song, see a new photo or interview, or watch a new episode. Without you, you beautiful, passionate, intelligent, talented, unique, down-to-earth, big-hearted, opinonated, hilarious, inspirational, influential, good-inentioned, sweet, amazing, encouraging, FLAWLESS guy, I would be nothing. THAT is why I love you so much. You inspire me to no end, and your influences in me shall be limitless. Your talents are incredible; I heard you sing the National Anthem on Thanksgiving and, honestly, it was the most beautiful, breathtaking rendition I have ever heard. I am not just saying that either, I’m a person who means what I say. I haven’t a single negative thing to say about you and millions of good things to say instead. And sure, at some point in my life, posters may come down, CD’s may be pushed back a little farther on the shelf, magazines may become less important, and websites may become visited a little less. My DVR may be a little on the empty side, my top 10 most played songs may change and T-shirts may get lost in drawers.. But the fact that you have changed me and shaped me into who I am will never change. I am a person that I never even imagined I could be because of your impact on me. I never knew how good it felt to be myself, not some other person. Everyone in my family, my teachers at school, everyone under the sun expects me to be some kind of doctor or technician because I happen to get good grades. That’s not what I want to do, I want to act and dance. Because of you guys, I am more comfortable with the way I feel about that. You have taught me to be more comfortable in my skin, to be myself and think nothing of it, to throw everything to the wind and just go with it, to just live my life any way I want to, to be a person that I actually want to be and not the person that people expect me to be, to go against the status quo, to believe that if I find my passion and run with it, anything is possible, to choose my new found direction, whatever it may be. And finally to be able to make wishes and have dreams and believe that nothing is impossible because the word itself says “I’m Possible”. You are a part of me and always will be, I will never forget you. It is because of you that I am not afraid to dream Big Time. I truly adore you crazy, talented, hilarious, and gifted guy, and nobody can make me change my mind on that. If these do not sound like true, solid, deep feelings to you, then I guess I will never know what real feelings are, because I have never felt so strongly about a person ever before. Again, thank you for giving me something to be happy about and feel apart of. I will never forget the fact that because of you, I will always be a better and more confident person. You gave me something that NO ONE has ever given me before: pride and courage. Kendall, I will always be able to thank you for showing me that even if I get shot down because people don’t believe in me and don’t want to watch me succeed, it’s okay to get back up and make my dreams happen because you never gave up on your dreams or yourself, and I think is incredibly touching. Thank you for showing me that I have much farther to go and can be even more passionate about everything I do because I have never seen someone be more immersed in what they love to do than you. You have given me faith that I can do whatever I want to one day, and make a huge difference in peoples’ lives wherever the wind may take me. Thank you for showing me that there are truly wonderful people in this world with good intentions that really care about others and want to make a difference because you have such strong feelings for what you believe in. You want to leave your mark on the world and I admire that exceedingly. And finally, thank you for showing me that no matter how diverse or opinionated we are, anyone can be comfortable with themselves because this has brought you so far in life. You know how to be yourself and that is truly inspiring. Thank you for reading this, and continue to do what you are doing because you have god-given talents that not just any one person can possess. People like you only come around every so often, and I think that people like you are the most special people in the entire world. You have something so strong that takes years and years to develop: passion. I don’t think there is another person on this Earth that can say that they are more passionate about what they do than you are. I know that so many other girls out there appreciate you just as much as I do for your extensive efforts towards entertainment and doing what you know and love best. I only hope that you know that I am one of them, and I AM the biggest Rusher here in New Jersey, if not that, in the world. I can’t even imagine the number of girls that claim that, but I really am the biggest Rusher. Like I said, you are so talented that it drives me mad. Keep at it, because you are here to bring what you have to offer to the world, which is making a much bigger difference than if you were just here for a quick buck. It takes so much effort, drive, talent, and faith to get where you are. If it didn’t, wouldn’t everyone be in your position? You have made it clear that this is what you want to do and I will always support that, no matter what may happen. I hope that this has really said something to you, anything at all, and you will always remember that you have inspired me tremendously and I will always have something better to work for because of you. You left a print on my heart, something that will never go away and will always be there to remind me that you will always be there for your fans. It brings tears to my eyes to know that there really are people out there like yourself who have rare talents and do not use them selfishly. I’m crying as I type this message because I know that there will never be people like you again and that you are trying to make an impact on the world. It’s working, because you have impacted me so incredibly that I think this part of my life will be the part that I remember most vividly, even when I grow old. You use your talents to bring happiness to others, and I will never forget the superior talent that four of you have shared with the world. I will continue to strive each and every day to do the same. I hope that I put a smile on your face as you read this. Again, thank you so much for taking time out of your busy life to read this whole thing. You probably weren’t expecting to read over 9,000 characters worth of writing (I counted…..Oops). I do apologize for that; But I could never say enough words to ever express me feelings for you. I pray that my heartache will go away and you will know just how much you mean to me. I love you with all of my heart and more, and just hope that one day I can meet you and tell you personally how much I feel for you. I hope you know that you, along with the other boys, have changed me, and with that, you can change the world. :) With Love, Cecelia Zitarosa <3

    • Jessica Rodriguez says:

      I am seriously cry over your beauitful words about Kendall. They are everything that I feel for him as well. He has changed both of our lives it seems for the better. You are so amazing to be able to convey your emotions so beautifully like that. :)

      • Cecelia says:

        Thank you so much. I cried as I wrote that, and to know that someone thinks that about me just makes me want to cry even more. Even if Kendall never reads that, people will always be able to know how I feel about him. <3

        • Ashley says:

          yeah I wouldn’t be worried about that, since Kenneth told him to read it..

          By the way that was beautiful.. I started tearing up as I read that.. I can relate to that so much..

    • Fátima says:

      I just have three words: OH MY GOD. I loved this, I laughed a little, I cried, tons of feelings. Congrats, ’cause not everyone has the will and dedication to write such beautiful things and put their hearts on it.

    • Dejanai says:

      That Was SO Cute And Just Purely from Your Heart.! I Swear I Told Myself That is The Sweetest Thing Ever! I Think I Love You! That Was So Cute!(: Just Oh My Gosh! Oh My Gosh! That Was Some Serious Passion. I Thought I Loved Him, Girl You Love Him WAY More Than Anyone I’m Pretty Sure!(: I Love This lol Just So…Gosh Darn Amazing! You Deserve To Meet Him SO bad!!!

    • Karina says:

      I’m a Latin Rusher… I feel the same. Kendall changed my life, your life, million of rushers’ lifes. Cecilia, now I want to thank you :) Thanks you for believe on him. He’s the most amazing person in the world, and we know it. You have said the most beautiful things about him, you made me cry but I’m happy… I’m happy because you love him. And things like this make him smile, and I love when he smiles, when he’s happy.
      It’s not just about the music, it’s about whats underneath the skin. His heart. His big heart. That heart that make us smile and laugh and sometimes cry…
      We love him, He loves us. That’s all that really matters.

    • Kel says:

      WOW! you are an amazing writer! i can’t believe i read that whole was just too good:) I’m proud to be a rusher too and i think it’s sooo cool how Kendall has impacted you and everything! you go girl!!!!

    • China says:

      I Totally agree with you Kendall is like, i cant even explain how just, so, awesome he is. that was a really sweet thing to say!

    • Joanna says:

      Oh My God those words were beautiful, I started reading it and by the end I had tears down my face.
      Kendall Smidcht, Big Time Rush means so much to me also, they just gave me the courage to keep on dreaming, people always put me down saying that I`m not talented enough to make it but then I just listen to their songs “You`re not alone” “Cover girl” “Invisible” and I know that I can make it.
      I seriously don`t know where I`d be without them, there was a time when things got too rough, I was about to end things, but I found Big Time Rush in my life, I`m glad I did. Thank you for your beautiful words :) (sorry if the comment was too long :P )

    • Marissa Murray says:

      this might just be one of the most BEAUTIFUL things i have ever read..

    • Cecelia says:

      Thank you everyone who had kind things to say about what I wrote for Kendall. I know that even if he never reads the whole thing (because it’s that long) I will not love him any less. My love is only going to continue to blossom. Kendall, if you read what I had to say, I’m just glad that you know how I feel. And I think I speak for every Rusher when I say those words. Thanks and continue to be yourself, because I love you just the way that you are. :) <3 With Love, Cecelia Zitarosa :)

    • mollie says:

      WOW. Thats all i have to say. You just put what i have been trying to say into the most beautiful letter. I love that you love him as much as i do…. because he REALLY is the most special person on this planet.

    • Julie Vebert says:

      OMG I Love this I almost cried this is just the best ever. I hope you meet him and the boys one day. This was just so good.

    • Anchal says:

      That is truly touching. I know for a fact that touched mine, as well as many other Rushers hearts out there. Your words are so amazing, beautiful and inspirational. I’ve tried for so long to write something like that, but honestly there’s so much to say, I get lost for words. I think you’ve just inspired me to try harder. I hope you do get to meet them someday soon. :)

    • Celia says:

      That was awesome!Seriously!And I am so happy that Kendall read this!He posted it on twitter :)
      I haven’t ‘known’ Kendall for long and I’ve only been a fan for the last 3 months but I am starting to feel the same :) I want to meet him too,but I seriously think if I start talking to him,I will talk non-stop because I won’t be able to say in only a few words how much he inspires me and how amazing he is!
      Anyways,what you wrote was absolutely true and beautiful and I am glad I read it.I am also glad Kendall read it too,because he can now see how much he means to his fans,and his impact on the world.I hope he continues what he does :)

      PS. Sorry for my bad english by the way!

    • kimberly says:

      hii ;)
      I agree too :D
      You like took the word’s from my miind

    • Mikal Bedell says:

      I really want him to just come to your door and meet you, now….I hope you marry him…ha! Seriously, you wrote really great stuff about Kendall…I hope he read it!!!

    • Paris says:

      Cecelia, the letter you wrote to Kenadall is amazing and is shows a lot of passion! He is really great! And all the boys of the band also! I wish that you maintain this passion in your life as you grow up! I dedicate a song to you and to Kendall from a man that have inspire millions of people and has walked the road that Kendall is walking now (!

    • Stefiny says:

      Wow This is just amazing <3 I couldn't have said it better myself. Congrats though Kendall has noticed your comment and he retweeted it on twitter (which is what even bought me here) I really admire your love for Kendall and I love him just as much but wow This is really touching. You deserve to meet Kendall more than anything. I'm glad there are rushers like you out there <3 If you have a twitter we should talk more :) I'm @btrrrocksmysockz I hope we get to talk one day cause I can totally relate to you <3

    • Jessica Hannah says:

      That was absolutely amazing. I hope I’m not the only one who cried while reading that. I agree with every word you said. All of it was 110% true.
      You are beautiful. This just proves it.
      Much love, JH

    • Stephanie Marie Kay says:

      Your words made me cry sooo bad!!!! You really expressed every Cover Girl’s thoughts and feellings!!! Thnx for being in this world and reminding us that Kendall is and will forever be A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!!!!!!!! He’s lucky to have a fan like you!!!! God bless you!!!<3 :')

      • Cecelia says:

        Thanks! I tried to speak for every Rusher, because I know they all feel the same way. It was difficult for me to convey my feelings without crying TOO much. I did it anyway :) . When you say that he is lucky to have a fan like me, that makes me feel so special. It really makes me wonder what HE thinks of me. I know I’ll eventually get to meet him, and be able to tell him how much I really love him. But, until that day arrives, I can always think about it, and even tweet him with the hopes of recieving a reply. That is, if he notices them. A girl can dream, can’t she?

    • Diana says:

      Im legit crying… This is beautiful.. and this is EXACTLY how i feel about him. For these past few months, Ive been through going through a lot of rough times. Deaths, bullying, family issues.. etc…And Kendall has definitley helped me get through it all.

      Just by simply listening to the songs he wrote, or watching a few interviews or just the TV show itself helps me get through those difficult moments.

      I met Kendall about 2 months ago at universal studios in LA, and when i first saw him walking towards me i just couldnt help but cry. I couldnt believe i was finally meeting him. And the whole time i was there, i was completley starstrucked. I couldnt say anything or even look at him cause i just couldnt believe he was actually there. And i forgot to tell him how much he’s changed my life. I regret not saying anything to him.. I just wish i could relive that day and tell him that sooo many girl out there appreciate everything he does, and how many lifes he’s changed.. Honestly, i dont think id even be living right now if it wasnt for him..
      Cecellia, I completley understand the whole career jobs issue thing. My parents wanted me to become a laywer/doctor as well. They also said that if i dont major in these careers, then im not going to college. But I didnt let them stop me. Ive been a Kendall fan (Schmidtster) since the very first day, ive seen the whole proccess of how his dreams have came true. And just seeing how much he’s succeded, it inspired me to live my dream. To major in something I want to major in. which is Graphic Designing. Ive always wanted to become a Graphic Designer, and nothing in this world is going to change that.
      Thank You for this amazing comment/story Cecila!

      Kendall, you are an amazing person. Inside and Out. Thanks to “CoverGirl” I feel much more confident in myself. I no longer worry about what people think. I no longer look in the mirror and make a disgusting look at what im seeing. I no longer worry about why i dont have that “Perfect body” or why i dont have that “Perfect Skin”. Actually, I have a sheet of paper thats taped to the mirror that says “Its whats underneath your skin, the beauty that shines within.”
      I read that lyric every morning before I start my day. It always puts a smile on my face. You taught me that everyone’s beautiful. No matter shape, size, or color.

      I just want to say one more thing…. and that is… Thank You… For Everything. <3
      -Diana (The Simpsons shoes girl)

      BTW, Im working on your handpainted SpiderMan Vans you wanted! Looks Epic so far! ;)

  18. Shawna says:

    Does Kendall really see this? If so does he ever respond? Cause it would mean a lot to a small town girl like me to have my all time favorite singer/actor notice me. I don’t have a twitter and this is my only way to get you to see. Kendall if you are reading this you would make me THE happiest girl IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!!!

  19. Rocio says:

    Hi kendall , how are you?
    My name Rocio and I’m from Argentina( I hope you will come this year )
    Well I’m just finding out about this is I dont think I have a chance to win but I will still try. I WANT TO WIN THAT CD SO MUCH!!! Argentina loves Big Time Rush!♥ ‏

  20. Erica Nicole Whitman says:

    Dear Kendall,
    I love you and your music. Plese come to Long island. Epect a letter
    from me and plz reply.
    Rusher 4Ever,
    Erica =)

  21. amanda says:

    hey kendall,
    i know u may not read this, but if by some chance u do, i want to thank you for al of your music!!! as much as cover girl reminds me everyday that i am worth something, “you’re not alone” has literally changed my life. there are many times that i feel like i have no one and it hurts. but when i heard that song, it made me realize that someone is always there for me and i will never be alone. i am 19 and a very proud college rusher and have no problem talking about how much i love your band!!! so thank u and i will def be writing you!!!

    much love :)

  22. nour says:

    you kendall are amazing. you care about everything ,your fans , your pets, your friends, your work. i’m not writing this like all the other fans who just look from the outside i truly love your personality . thank you for reading this

  23. Nick says:

    Kendall, you are so amazing. I really think that Big Time Rush just wouldn’t be it without you, and you’re probably one of the most inspirational people I know.

  24. Sarah says:

    I think that you are awesome. I love your music. Every time that I hear Cover Girl I can not help but smile. It makes me feel so beautiful. I love You’re Not Alone. I got to go to my first BTR concert last summer and it was amazing. I got online to get tickets for the MSBWU tour 10 minutes after they went on sale and could not get any. I got tickets to the Big Time Summer Tour and can not wait to go. You are seriously amazing <3. Love You so much and can not wait till I finally meet you.

  25. Donna aka @bigtimefansite says:

    Dear Kendall,
    Thank you for always putting a smile on my face and writing Cover Girl! That song makes me feel beautiful! I’m happy to be your cover girl baby. I have every btr/ heffron drive song on my ipod! Your music makes my day week month year better. Its like you are going through the same stuff, im going through in my life. I have been a fan since the first btr episode and i will continue to be fan forever…you care about every single Rusher and it shows. You take time out of your busy day to tweet follow retweet a fan and you will never understand how much that means to us.

  26. Jennessee Alonso says:

    Kendall, first of all I love BTR with all my heart! You guys mean the world to me in so many ways. I love how you guys put your minds to what you want to do and make them Big Time(: Kendall, you showed me how to love myslef in everyway. No matter what others say. I have over come my fears in life with you on my mind. You taught me how to express myself in a way I can’t do alone. Since I saw you on your first day living you dreams I knew there is something out there for me to express myself. Thank you for your love and conpassion toward your music you gave everyone a chance to live out your own dreams. To me, you are my hero, Inspiration,my Idol and everything else. Thank you for showing who we are underneath. Its what matters , form the beautiful that shines within. Thank you. I love you<3

  27. Madiosn Hobbbs says:

    dear kendall,
    I am a HUGE fan, well me and my old friend kara (she likes james) lol
    but i have listen to all of your songs and i feel in love with “Count On You”
    i just wanted ti say ” you are sooo amazin” i wish i could meet you in person but i guess i have to wait till september, in september i am going to your concert in portland oregon, and i cant wait till i finally get to see you live i have dreamed and dreamed of seeing you live and actually meeting you but im not dure if i will get to :(
    but i am really excited because whn i go to the concert it will be close to my birthday so i hope i get lucky and yu sing cover girl! i love that song! but i really wish i can meet you, you sound like an outstanding guy and i really wish that i can find that out my self, i dont expect you to read this but i do wish that im not the only on reading this.
    I really wanna see you in concert, and i have a question if your fans make you braclets do you wear them?? because i really wanna make a braclet that has my twitter name on it and your name and i want tou to wear it………that would be sooo cool! but the sad thing is if i get any F’s i cant go to your concert :( i just wish u would follow me i have been trying and trying and trying but it never works :( i just hope i get a reply back from you <3 :)
    sincerly, your fan Madison (@Maddy_schmidt_)

  28. Carly A. says:

    Thank you for being such an awesome person to look up to. Thanks for making me feel like I mean something to someone when I felt like no one else cared. And most of all, thanks for making me happy again. Without you, I would be a very depressing person, after 3 people in my family died, I went through a horrible depression and I went to Better With U Tour and you came by and actually sang Cover Girl and I could tell that you really cared for your fans and that’s why I admire you do much and the rest of the guys as well. Send my love. You’re a rock star!

  29. Kendall :)
    come to southamerica reallyy pleeease♥,
    Im from Ecuador and trust me there are million of rushers here so please come to whatever country you like but here in soutamerica make a toour.
    Con mucho cariño,

  30. Emily Quinn says:

    Dear Kendall,
    Expect a letter from me. :)

  31. Albita says:

    I really hope you are okey!
    Please I NEED the tour in Latin America! [Guatemala Please!]
    I need see BTR here, singing[Elevate a little higher!] hahaha’
    God Bless You

  32. Angie Carolina Preciado says:


    You’re very special and important for me. I love your music, your voice, and all of you! :)
    You are my cover boy and I love you
    You’re the best than I found in my life…
    Thanks for make me happy with your songs and everything to do
    I’m so proud of you because I know what all you dois with love for us
    I want to say you many things but i don’t find the words to tell you how important you are to me.
    Please remember the latin rusher than love you too much!
    Much love from Colombia
    My cover boy! ♥

  33. nour says:

    Hi I’m Nour
    this is just for you for thanking you for giving us and me somethings. just because of you i have many online friends. we nearly everyday talk. thank you very much for giving us a smile on our face everyday. telling us we’re not alone and keep our self optimistic and not to be insecure. Thank you very much for this. i do appreciate everything . THANK YOU VERY MUCH “KENDALL FRANCIS SCHMIDT”

  34. Alright, so here I go about to pour my heart out to you, oh dearest Kendall. :) Hi, my name is Brianna DeRose, I will be 18 as of April 24, and you have inspired me so much. Kendall, you’re one beautiful human being inside and out and I love having someone so amazing like you in my life, even though you are physically there. I got such an amazing chance to meet you at Radio City Music Hall on March 9, 2012. I was one of the luckily fans who scored VIP tickets by luck, even though so many other girls had problems getting tickets, somehow (which this never happens to me) I was lucky and got two tickets for my friend and I. It was a hell of an experience. After meeting you, my outlook changed that everything is possible. I thought that meeting you and the other MEN, not boys, but MEN, of BTR was just a dream that wouldn’t come true, yet it did. Not only that, but you and Logan freaked out, as did Carlos and James, about my friend and I’s shirt. I was one of the two girls with the light up shirts that night. Well let me tell you kind sir, I actually got your attention. I never like being in the center of attention so it really took a lot for me to be outgoing when I met you, but that was because I felt comfortable with you and the other men. I knew I probably wouldn’t get another chance to meet you, so I would have to milk it for what I could, and I’m glad I did. Especially when you guys hopped off the stage for Cover Girl and you hopped over the stares and came to me smiling whilst singing with your arms wide opening coming to hug me (which killed me inside because you’re just a dreamboat xD). I never in a million years thought you would actually have contact with me so in a video my friend took, I’m like paralyzed for a moment and then I realized what happened and freaked out. So yeah I kind of drifted away from my point due to reminiscing something you definitely don’t remember. xD Anyways, you inspired me to be me and not care what other people think. I thank you for that Kendall. Everyone makes fun of me for liking Big Time Rush because they’re just another boy band, but you and the other guys are more than that to me. You’re my biggest inspiration and I appreciate what you do. Not just you, but Mrs. Schmidt with her Take 180 line (I plan on getting a necklace before the summer show on August 18 in NJ) and your two brothers whose tweets are always inspirational and are ALWAYS supporting you. I appreciate you and your family. Your parents raised an amazing family and I’m glad you guys are successful. Thanks Kendall, for being there, even if it’s not physically.
    Love you, Kendall<3 ~Brianna DeRose
    P.S. I'm a photographer and my dream is to photograph you guys, so if you're ever looking for something to do, I'm here xD :D I'm in a contest, too, right now for a chance to win tickets to your Summer Tour and get a chance to be your photographer. I got on everyday and get about 60 entries a day. It ends in August and I have 1527 entries at the moment. Dedication! xD Okay, now I'll stop writing <3 #ProudRusher :)

  35. Katina Schlamme says:

    Hi, Kendall:
    I’m Katina Schlamme, from Chiapas, Mexico. I know u don’t actually know me, but I just wanna tell u: Thanks for wrote ‘Cover Girl’. U make me feel special and beautiful everytime I hear that song, now I know that imperfections are what make us perfect.
    I wanna say: I’m sorry for the english, I’m actually learning (just to talk with u if u come to Mexico someday) but I’m just in 2nd grade, so write a letter is a little hard to me.
    Thanks u so much (to u all..incluide Dustin) for make me smile everytime I’m sad :)

    Btw: My grandma says you’re the most handsome of Big Time Rush haha :)
    PS: We have green eyes, german roots, and our names start with “K.S.” so I think we’re like lost twins :D hahahaha what do u think?
    PS2: Are u guys coming to Mexico this year?
    PS3: Hope u can follow me on twitter :) @katinaschlamme

    Much love from Mexico :) Xoxo, K.S.

  36. Kylie Arin Williams says:

    Kendall, you are the sweetest guy on the planet. You deserve everything that you are receiving. I’ve kinda met you at a meet n greet but was too shy to say anything, but I ran up and hugged you. You are an inspiration to many people and a total dreamboat. I look forward to see you in July in St. Louis!! <3 ya to The moon and back!!!

  37. Debra Shutters says:

    I want to let you know after seeing the TV show and the music you sang on it made a big impact on my special need’s son Joshua. He started to listen to music again. Your music puts a smile on his face every time he hears it. I bought both cd’s and he listen to them every day and has me go online to watch your music videos. Please keep making music it affects so many people all over the world. I want to thank you for what your music has done for my special need’s son.

  38. Camila Castillo Crdenas says:

    Dear BIG TIME RUSH , you guys mean the world to me , thanks for inspiring me, you are not only a band you guys are more than this , you are like MY HEORES who changed my life in a good Way :] seriously Guys ..THANK YOU SO SO SO SO SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING.. You guys taught me that I’m beautiful no matter what people say , their words can hurt now …. <3 <3 I'm always here , supporting you guys no matter what :] PSD: You should come to Latin America -PERU-

  39. Macey Hadley says:

    Kendall, you’ve changed my life. You’ve been my favorite in BTR since the beginning, and you’ve taught me to be myself and love me for who I am. When I finally got the chance to meet you, I was in absolute love. Just to think I can see you again more than once this summer warms my heart. You are a beautiful person inside and out, you mean so much to me. Everyone knows that I love you, it’s obvious. Keep doing what you do, you’re amazing :)

  40. liana portocarrero says:

    Well all I need to say is I love you Kendall you’re my inspiration:) follow me on twitter @BTRlovesLiana

  41. Angie Casiva says:

    Hey Kendall, I am fan of BTR and I love all your music, wanted to ask where they’re coming to take a consierto in Argentina, I hope your answer, I love you, greetings to BTR

  42. Cristina says:

    The rushers are the most loyal fans that may exist, I really admire this band and would like to meet someday but I live in Ecuador even so i will fulfill my dream: to know BIGTIMERUSH♥ I LOVE GUYS♥

  43. kayla says:

    hey kendall i am kayla from south amboy new jersey i love to meet you guys my biggest dream ever i love you guys i sing and dance to your songs i am the biggest btr rusher fan i and a kideny transplant for 9 years btr rules

  44. Alasia says:

    I have been a big fan of yours since the first episode of BTR. I am a UGE fan of yours it has and still is a dream of mine to meet you in person. If i could i would flight to California tonight just to meet you. You single handed-ly helped hundreds, thousands, millions of kids not to give up on their dreams. You have inspired many kids, you gave them courage to do what the set their hearts on. You are amazing Kendall Schmidt and I thank you.
    A Big Fan,
    Alasia (@amazinq121)

  45. DARYNKA GIL says:

    you are PERFECT!
    i will support you all my life!
    Kisses From MEXICO! :)

  46. Arthriette says:

    Kendall Schmoking Schmexy Schmidt! I love you to infinity and beyond! :”) you have occupied almost all of my brain and heart! ♥ I’m dying just to see you in person! :) Much love from me all the way from Philippines :D Mwa

    btw, Take care! :)

    PS. Pls do reply? Haha Thanks.

    • Sarrah Moni Khan says:

      r u from the Philippines? cuz my mom’s from ther; so that makes me… 1/2 filipino!
      i like how u’ve described K-Dog… smoking and sexy… nice….

  47. Erica Mendez says:

    Dear Kendall,
    My name is Erica & I am 23 years old. Even though I have only been a Rusher for a little over a year, you guys have changed my life is so many ways. There is no way I could ever put it into words in a letter, but I made a video explaining exactly how so you could hear it straight from me. I will be sending it to you by this weekend I hope you watch it :) Take care & hope you have a fun weekend at coachella!
    Twitter @ericamendez (you know, if you wanna tweet or follow me some time ;)

    P.s. I requested Elevate 10 times today :)

  48. Sarrah Moni Khan says:

    Hey Kendall. i think u r totally awesome and ur amazing in everything u do. i totally LUV btr and all u guyz, but some of my friends dont – sometimes i wonder y i am stil friends wid them – but i stil luv u and ur incredible singing and acting. dont stop Kendall. u make my dreams come true.
    i really like writing stories and whenever i add a guy character i describe him as a really nice, laid-back, handsome dude who has a great voice and is kinda competitive… i make him like you… but no-one can be exactly like u cuz ur a beautiful guy who cant b replaced or copied.
    i hope im not freakin u out here, but i think u r totally awesome and u better not stop being… you, or else im guna kill myself; and trust me, i’ve almost done that quite a few times.
    pls follow me on twitter: @sarrahmoni. i think ur the best. can u pls try 2 come 2 Australia and tour with the rest of BTR???
    u rock my world Kendall.
    luv ya!!!

  49. Abigail Gutierrez says:

    Reading this amazing write-out to Kendall made me cry, because I feel the exact same way. Kendall is my favorite guy, and is my crush… I do cry sometime over his/their music and I do once in a while feel like growing up to be an actor and a dancer. Its my dream too, to meet Kendall and the band. But, the sky’s the limit, and I’m dreaming big… hopefully, one day I would meet Big Time Rush ;)

  50. Valeria Martell says:

    OMR ( Ohh My Rush ) ; if it weren’t for you and the boys , idk WHERE i’d be . You guys have really inspired me to keep singing … even after my depression stage . (lost a loved one) I look up to you 4 as my idols and , i seriously have no words to describe how i feel . Only my Big Time Rusher Heart would know , because it loves you guys too much . Oh geeez , well you and Logan are my faaaaavorite and i’ve done the impossible to get all of your guys’ attention of Twitter , but there as just so many of us Rushers . So far , i have 803 tweets , and i have kept count of how many are for or about you guys … 461 , yep but there is still muuuuuch more to come . I’ve gotten people to hear your music and buy the album . I went to the Better With U tour in Los Angeles and i already got my Big Time Summer Tour tickets . It would really mean the entire world if you can also send a BIG TIME shout out to my friends Lupita and Kyara . They seriously are your #1 fans . And me ? Well im writting this , and shoutout to Logan pleeeeeeeeeeease c; lol well i have a Rusher mom that loves your adorable eyes as well … i’ve been requesting your guys’ music on the radio like a craaaaaazy chick . ! Thank you soooo much for inspiring me to write my own music . Besides Big Time Rush , singing is and music is my other passion and will never get tired of doing it

    P.S pleease follow ; i’ve tried 46 more times by tagging your guys’ name on Twitter while writing this ? (:<3 [[[[[[[[@Henderson_Vall]]]]]]]]]]] ; My friend Lupita's ; @Wafflealien ; My friend Kyara's ; @KyaraCedano

    Also , i've entered for the VIP pass for the summer tour *lemme check here on my email* … 947 times . I'd love to meet you guys , its been my dream since 11/28/09 , first show aired of Big Time Rush . #CertifiedRusher
    and yes , as a Rusher , i have cried many times for you guys and painted my roon with the logo of Big Time Rush . Anyways , please follow on Twitter c; Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks , i love you guys !<3 #LoveFromBellflower.California

  51. heidi says:

    hey kendall i just wanted you to know that it is great that there is a guy out there that actually cares about girls personallity rather then there looks and i just want you to know that i dont care what people say about you I think you are one of the best beautiful kind hearted down to earth guy and thank you for just you being you. The you i fell in love with (:

  52. Jenni Fremer says:

    Kendall, you are an amazing person. Without you I wouldn’t be where I am today. You have given me a reason to keep trying. You showed me that anything is possible. Sure, my room is filled with posters, CD’s, magazines, t-shirts, and all that cool stuff, but someday (this is really hard to say) that stuff will mean nothing to me. There is one thing about that stuff that will mean something to me, that you changed who I am and I couldn’t write enough words to thank you for that. Right now I’m actually collecting big time rush stuff, because when I’m older and have kids I wanna remember the band (and guy) that changed my life. I want to show them who I looked up to when I was a teenager and you get that opportunity to be that guy. You have an amazing personality, please never change because I think (I know) I would cry. I wake up every day with a huge smile knowing that you are out there somewhere doing what you do (being awesome). I go on twitter (@MrsSchmidt_ ) all the time and seeing you post gets me so excited! I’m like oh my goodness! Kendall Schmidt is on twitter just like me (no I’m not weird, I just love you a lot). Okay, know that I sound officially creepy, I guess I’ll just say something else off that topic. Kendall, you have a fun, kind-hearted, enthusiastic, crazy, awesome, amazing, sneaky, cool, sketchy, of-the-wall, personality! You are a HUGE inspiration in my life because I know I can do anything big or small and you will have my back. When I become famous, I’ll be sure to thank you. (: I feel like I can share just about anything with you because I know you care. I always make a big time deal (see what I did there) about new songs, episodes, you name it… It drives my mother insane(: I just hope someday I can meet you and be like hey you changed my life and I just wanted to let you know that. Since that is 99.9% never going to happen, I’ll just tell you now. Kendall, you changed my life and I hope that brings a huge smile to your face because I’m doing that right now(:  I went to your concert in Clearfield, PA and honestly it was the BEST day of my life, I swear. I have never smiled, screamed, sang, and laughed so much in my life. Seeing you up there really got me thinking if he knows that what he is doing up there is making a big difference down here in my life. Your songs are a big part of how you inspire me. Cover girl makes me feel beautiful, Superstar makes me feel like I’m wanted, Invisible makes me feel like people really care about me. I could go on and on about every single song but I know I already wasted a lot of your time. Kendall, you have the cutest laugh I have ever heard, I would lobe to hear it in person and laugh along with you. I love your sense of humor, you make me laugh 24/7 because of the way you are. I lobe your acting, it feels real to me and nothing means more to me. Kendall, I know I said a lot and I could say so much more but this is what I’m leaving for you. Please don’t ever change, keep laughing, tweeting, and smiling because without that I don’t know what I would do. I love you so much even though you don’t know me. Keep me in your thoughts(: I’ll keep you in mine, I promise(:
               Jenni Fremer <3

  53. Savannah Curatolo says:

    Hi Kendall :) Yeah, I’m going to be honest and say I’m not the best with words, but here it goes. What Cecelia said up there in the previous comments, pretty much sums up everything I have ever wanted to tell you. I’m truly grateful to have you in my life. I may not have been there since the beginning, but there’s a reason why you’re in my life today. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about you. I admire you more than anybody in this world, and I mean that. Call me crazy, but it’s true. You’re one of the sweetest, most considerate people I know. I may not know you personally, but from what I’ve seen in either interviews, or on stage, or on the show, you always keep your head up. That’s something not many people can do. It hurts to know that you can get hated on for being yourself. Never let anyone get you down. You’re you, your own person, and that’s all that really matters. Your smile is honestly my favorite. It’s so genuine, and the fact that you’re happy, makes me happy. Never let anyone take that smile away from you. So what I’m really trying to say is just simply thank you. I’m writing this on behalf of all of your fans. You mean the world to us, and then some. You’re always giving a hundred and ten percent. It really shows, and we appreciate it so much. I know I’m just another fan, and you’ve heard all of this before, but I just wanted to let you know. Thank you for everything, Kendall. There’s so much more I could say, but I can’t find the right words. It’s amazing to know that someone can change your life. And you certainly have had that effect on me. I couldn’t have asked for a more admirable person to fall in love with. Much love from the windy city, Savannah Curatolo <3 @vannacuratolo

  54. Melissa says:

    Dear Kendall,
    In all my life so far I’ve never been truly devoted or immersed in anything until Big Time Rush came along. I’m sure you have heard this all before but words can not describe how amazing this band is. When I’m feeling upset or anxious the music of Big Time Rush immediately calms me down and I completely forget about everything. Kendall you are one of the four guys I admire most in the band, it could be because of your voice, your smile (dimples) or how much you really care about your Rushers. How you like to go out of your way just to say hello. I would just like to say thankyou for everything Big Time Rush have done and will continue on doing. I hope one day to see you guys perform live :)

  55. Josefina Mariel says:

    Hey Kendall how are you? I adore you’re perfect
    I love your eyes .. your voice is beautiful … I would love to do a duetwith you … that would be fantastic
    I love your program, your music is the best … I love em sissy & YumaHaha :)
    Aw there are millions of things I love to tell you but the nerves will not let me concentrate haha

    I Love You ♥

    I would love to come to Argentina … So I can fulfill my dream #rusherargentina ….

    Te Amo Te Amo Te Amo ♥ ( )

  56. Aislinn says:

    Dear Kendall,
    I’m a Rusher from Kansas and my love for you is like no other. My parents can’t ever afford VIP tickets or Meet & Greets but yet I still raise money trying to buy VIP. I’ve never loved someone so much and you have helped me through such rough times. Hearing your voice when I listen to BTR’s music really helps me through everything because I feel like you’re speaking to me. & I’m sure every Rusher feels that way. No matter what I still dream of the day I meet you and the boys. My birthday is 3 days after the BTR concert at the Sprint Center in KC. I have told everyone that meeting you will probably be the greatest 15th birthday present in the whole wide world. I know every Rushers dream is to be the Worldwide girl but knowing I might not be seeing you in concert will definatley kill me. You know those 5 second hugs at meet and greets… every Rushers dream to be in one of the boys’ arms for just 5 seconds. You’ve boosted my confidence in how I look. Words can’t describe my feelings for you… in a non-creepy way. The way you are with kids is just completely adorable. The way your hips don’t lie… yeah…. hahaha. Kendall Francis Schmidt… Thank you for helping me along the way of everything. We Rushers love you and the boys!
    Hope I can go to the concert!

  57. Sarah says:

    Just wanted to say to Kendall that I love his face and he is totally gifted, those vocals drive me crazy! Ill keep in supporting whatever you do :) proud rusher and Cover Girl. Thank you for everything Mr. Kendall Schmidt

  58. Dawn says:

    Hey Kendall. I am 36 years old and I like your music and watching the shows. I got my daughter tickets to the Cincinnati show on July 8th this year for her bday. I got them the day they went on sale on March 10th and her bday was March 16th. She was so happy. We were watching the Big Time Movie and she saw the commercial that you guys were coming to town and wanted to go, but she did not know that I had already bought the tickets. The movie was great as well. My husband actually sat down and watched it with us and thought it was good. We have both cd’s and the complete season 1 on dvd. We are currently waiting for Season 2 to come out on dvd as well. My daughter has juvenile arthritis and listening to your music helps her get through the day. I personally like Cover Girl, which is a great song that you wrote, Your Not Alone, Love Me love Me, and the one you guys did with Jordan Sparks as well. I like all your songs though.

  59. Tamy says:

    Hello my name is Tamara Kendall, you are the better you and your band are the best live every day listening to the same songs: worlwide, music sounds better with you, boyfriend, big night and til i forget about you …
    I’m from Argentina, Buenos Aires; Please come this year 2012.
    I have a black cap that has the initials in white BTR.
    The re recontra want guys are awesome!
    I love Kisses From Bienos Aires Argentina.
    Please come!! ♥

  60. Christina says:

    KENDALL!!:) OMBTR I don’t even know where to start. I’ll just start off by saying I ABSOLUTELY LOVE BIG TIME RUSH WITH ALL MY HEART!!!! YOU GUYS ARE SO AMAZING!! You are my inspiration so many celebrities turn sour and go down bad paths but not you. You all stay true to yourselves and follow your hearts. I look up to you as do many other rushers out there!!! That is one of the reasons you have so many fans out there of all ages from 3 years old to 20 and even older! I’ve been to two concerts already and I’ll continue to come as long as your a band. I haven’t met you guys yet but I will someday! I love every single song and I’ve seen every episode countless times and I still die laughing every single time!! You are all such funny loving sweet down to earth people and that’s one of the many many reasons I love you:) I am so dedicated to you and I’m always supporting you guys in all that you do. You’ve taught me not to care about what others think I get made fun of sometimes for liking you guys because they say you’re just another boy band but you’re much more than that to me!! Every time I hear your going to be on tv or there’s a new episode I get extremely excited and it makes my day a million times better!!! You all have such wonderful families and I love to see that they’re always supporting you and theyre so proud of you just as I am:) I know someday I may not be a huge fan anymore and I may not be the biggest rusher but I will NEVER forget you guys:) I’m always entering contests to meet you but I haven’t won yet. I WILL NOT give up until I meet you!!! I could say so much more but I think I’ll end it here. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING THAT U DO AND I LOVE YOU GUYS SOOOOO MUCH:) I hope to meet you someday and if by chance u read this please please tweet me or follow me @btrgirl1397 Thanks:)

  61. Christina says:

    KENDALL!!:) OMBTR I don’t even know where to start. I’ll just start off by saying I ABSOLUTELY LOVE BIG TIME RUSH WITH ALL MY HEART!!!! YOU GUYS ARE SO AMAZING!! You are my inspiration so many celebrities turn sour and go down bad paths but not you. You all stay true to yourselves and follow your hearts. I look up to you as do many other rushers out there!!! That is one of the reasons you have so many fans out there of all ages from 3 years old to 20 and even older! I’ve been to two concerts already and I’ll continue to come as long as your a band. I haven’t met you guys yet but I will someday! I love every single song and I’ve seen every episode countless times and I still die laughing every single time!! You are all such funny loving sweet down to earth people and that’s one of the many many reasons I love you:) I am so dedicated to you and I’m always supporting you guys in all that you do. You’ve taught me not to care about what others think I get made fun of sometimes for liking you guys because they say you’re just another boy band but you’re much more than that to me!! Every time I hear your going to be on tv or there’s a new episode I get extremely excited and it makes my day a million times better!!! You all have such wonderful families and I love to see that they’re always supporting you and theyre so proud of you just as I am:) I know someday I may not be a huge fan anymore and I may not be the biggest rusher but I will NEVER forget you guys:) I’m always entering contests to meet you but I haven’t won yet. I WILL NOT give up until I meet you!!! I could say so much more but I think I’ll end it here. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING THAT U DO AND I LOVE YOU GUYS SOOOOO MUCH:) I hope to meet you someday and if by chance u read this please please tweet me or follow me @btrgirl1397 Thanks:)

  62. Nicole Halper says:

    Hey hot stuff! :P Who knows if you’ll even read this, but its worth a shot. I actually sent you fan mail a month ago but I dont think I sent it to the address above :( Kendall you are amazing, I am so in love with everything about you, you have a beautiful voice and you are just so nice and have the greatest personality. I live in Miami and drove to Orlando to see you guys perform during Mardi Gras. We were so far away from the stage, but it was great to just hear BTR live. I know NIckelodeon is doing a sweepstakes to win a VIP tour to your concert and all that good stuff but i was disappointed to find out its on for up to the age of 15. And Im 20!

    Show your older fans some love!!! Give us a competition or something, please?! lol. BTR is on repeat all the time and Ive been requesting BTR on the radio nonstop. LOVE YOU KENDALL! <333
    Rusher for life! :)
    Follow me! @nicole_halper

  63. Marcela De SImone says:

    Hey, guys! How are you? Hope you’re doing fine :) I’m from Argentina, I don’t know if my english’ll be good.. so, sorry if I make a mistake!
    Just like I said.. I’m from Argentina. I love my country, I really do, I’ve never complained about living here.. till I met you. I’m just so sad, so sad I know maybe I’ll never know you. Maybe I won’t be able to hug you, to see you performing live, to say how much I love you.
    I look back and I can’t believe I didn’t know about your existance before.. I remember perfectly the first day I saw Big Time Rush on Nick. I remember how I felt in love with all of you.. but most of all with Kendall’s Smile, with Kendall’s expressions, with Kendall’s voice, with Kendall’s eyes! I love you four in the same way, but I feel more connected with Kendall.. YOU are the one who makes me smile every time! Thank you, thank you for ALWAYS taking sometime for us, for tweeting and showing us WE are part of YOUR life, that you love us, just like we love you. Thank you for letting us know that you think about us just like we think about you. Thank you for sharing every step with us. IT MEANS THE WORLD FOR US, knowing everything you’re doing, knowing every single time you’re writing a new song and JUST FOR US :) . Thanks for loving your Rushers! ‘CAUSE WE ARE Y O U R RUSHERS and we’ll always be :) Thanks for making us count in your life and letting us know YOU CARE. You always say that you’re here beacase of us.. BUT YOU’RE HERE CAUSE YOU SHINE, ‘CAUSE YOU’RE REALLY TALENTED, ‘CAUSE YOU DESERVE IT more than anyone in this world. I hope your life is great, I hope you’re happy and you’ll always be. I wish the BEST for you in every single way! THANK YOU.
    Hope I could meet you someday. Come.. please.
    I L O V E Y O U
    Los amamos, los amamos muchísimo. Gracias Kendall por hablarnos en español, no sabés lo que significa para nosotras :) , saber que tenemos algo más con lo que conectarnos con vos! Nunca cambies! Por favor, NUNCA CAMBIES.

  64. Medhani Wickramasinghe says:

    This is so incredible lovely to read. The cherry on top, you up Kendall’s mum actually saw this! :) Congratulations, you really deserve it! You are so much gifted with words than most of the people I know. This whole 9,000 words describe how I feel inside too. I’m from SriLanka so I know I would never be able to meet that incredible human being unless I move to US. That wouldn’t be for sometime soon because I have to finish my medical study course first which has 3 more years.
    But I like to add something too, as a medical student I get under lots of pressure and lots of stress. But at the end of the day, his music and their tunes washes all that away and I find myself dancing. Kendall made me into a whole new stronger person. I don’t get mad easily now and I actually started enjoying life inspired by their music. I managed to see the world in a different perspective instead of ‘we die at any place in life’ Even when I’m doing a surgery I find myself focused really hard on the subject instead of just watching.
    On day I really hope to meet him and tell him how exactly I feel or at least see him from afar, the person who changed my whole vision of life. I’m not a creep too or an obsessive cray fangirl. I’m just an ordinary girl trying to find a place in this life. I really hope he sees this. I’ve listen to so many bands but this one really changed me…it is true, music sounds much much MUCH better with you :) <3
    With loads of love, Medhani Wickramasinghe

  65. Kiana says:

    Hey Kendall!!
    So lately i’ve been bullied by friends and enemies at school and they always bring me down and leave me to go home and cry. But when i do go home I listen to you and BTR on youtube and I just can’t get enough. Your music gives me a reason to fight back against all of the people that bring me down. And how you are always there for you friends and family is soo touching. You care so much about everything and people can always rely on you. EVERYBODY can count on you if there down. I know I do. I know look to find out who my true friends are and keep all my feelings in a notebook i always carry around with me. And thanks to you and BTR everything my life makes me smile. and when i’m down i bring out my phone and look to see how happy you and the guys are even when your not infront of the camera. You, Logan, Carlos, and James are soo inpiring. It’s unbelievable. Oh and your smile!! :) it lights up every persons day. You are truely AMAZING!!!! Love You!!
    XoXo, Kiana ♥

  66. Hola Kendall, se que no entenderás nada de lo que estoy escribiendo pero soy muy mala en ingles :/ Pero eso no es una barrera para poder decirte lo mucho que te admiro, aprecio mucho tu gran forma de ser, eres una persona muy talentosa y de gran corazón, no se que mas puedo decirte jeje, en realidad tu eres mi gran ejemplo a seguir, eres mi guía para no caer en malos pasos , eres mi sueño ya que gracias a ti despierto cada dia con una sonrisa porque se que soñé contigo, eres mi vida ya que gracias a ti tengo un motivo como muchos otros para vivir, eres como mi droga porque mas que me dicen mis papas, amigos y mi demás familia que deje de hablar tanto de ti o de alguno de los chicos (james, carlos o logan) yo sigo soñando y creyendo que algún día, no muy lejano los conoceré sin importar lo poco, lejos o cerca estén pero los conoceré y conviviré con ustedes, gracias! en verdad muchas gracias! por tu gran forma de ser, esa maravillosa forma de ser que tienes, y bueno, aunque no lo creas te admiro tanto desde hace casi medio año, desde que me convertí en una Rusher, si desde su primera vez en México, ese 2 de octubre del 2011 NUNCA OLVIDARE ESA FECHAS ,yo no me consideraba perfecta hasta que ustedes me hicieron sentir muy especial con todos los halagos que nos dicen a nosotras las Rushers :) Se que es muy posible que no leerás este mensaje pero a menos lo intente y exprese algunos pensamientos que quería decirte. Por ultimo quiero volver repetir que TE ADMIRO MUCHO y que también TE AMO CON TODO MI CORAZÓN c: y espero que no ignores esto y si lo haces como lo dije—a menos lo intente— :D
    ATENTEMENTE: Fernanda, una Rusher Mexicana de corazon <33

  67. Kayla says:

    Hey Kendall – just wanted to say thanks for the music you and the boys make and for the lyrics that you guys write that have literally changed my life for the better. I know I am not invisible and that I am beautiful “just the way I’m made”, and after suffering self esteem issues my entire 21 years, is it just a wonderful feeling to finally feel like I have worth, and I have you guys to thank for it. I am so grateful for the band and for the people I have met because of you. So thank you, Kendall. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

  68. Brooklyne says:

    HEY KENDALL !!!!!!!!!!!!! I luv big time rush SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH !!!!!!! I get a little anoying cuz im alwas tellin everybody facts about you James Carlos & Logan. I seen every ep. of big time rush & heard every song. ( That you have released. ) Somtimes i feel like im the only obsessed fan in the world cuz every1 i ask they say “They r all right. ” Or ” I hate them. ” I have not met some1 as cray as me.send me a tweet if you get the chance. @bigtimerusher79.

  69. DARYNKA GIL says:



  70. Hi Kendall! My name is Jessie/Jessica whatever you want to call me! I’ll be meeting you on August 3rd in Louisville, Kentucky and just wanted to tell you that your the most amazing person in the world! I love Heffron Drive and I love Big Time Rush! To be honest I love HD more than BTR but ya know! Haha! You really are awesome! Everytime I log on to twitter I go to see if you’ve tweeted! Don’t think I’m a stalker or anything cause I’m not it’s just that your tweets is what I look forward to every day! That and your tweet/follow/RT sprees and your cover videos! I have all of BTR’s and HD’s songs on my phone! Hope when you read this it puts a smile on your face the same way you put a smile on my face every day! In every way you mean the world to me! Just wanna spread a little love! Hope you never have a bad day and never change! Kendall your the funniest, sweetest, kindest, most caring, most down to earth, funny guy I have ever known of! Love you this much: \o/! Hugs and kisses from @TeamKendallS16 on Twitter! :* <3 xoxoxoxo

  71. Jessica says:

    I just want to say, I truly love this band. I have never been into boy bands. Big Time Rush is the only boy band that has truly captivated me. Trust me when I say this. I can’t even tell the difference between Nsync and The Backstreet Boys. I hope I don’t receive any criticism for putting that. Kendall, you sir, are a wonderful human being. I don’t know if you will read this, but I just want to type this down. You are beautiful inside and out. Your personality, along with the rest of the guys is, just wonderful. There are not alot of indivuals with such amazing personalities. I love everything that you do. I love how you try to put smiles on the faces of your fans with your tweets. You are so down to earth, and I completely adore that. I would like to put down more, but I do not want to take up a whole page or annoy anyone. I love you, guys! :’)

  72. Veronica Nieves says:

    If I needed to pour my heart out, now would probably be the time. I’m heartbroken that I only became a Big Time Rush fan only in January. So I’m a fairly new Rusher but I feel like I’ve know you guys forever. You have become part of my life & I couldn’t imagine it without you 4 goofy, funny, sweet, handsome boys.
    Now while I love all of the guys for individual reason, Kendall you have been the most inspiring to me. It’s kind of hard to explain tithe one that you are writing to that their light & personality is the thing that helps you get through the day. I think it’s the fact that you just are who you are and you don’t ever change for anyone is the reason I was drawn to you. Beside the fact that you are ridiculously good looking ;) haha. I believe I am not the only one that can tell that you have an amazing heart & love everything you do. Your passion & dream to make music oozes off of you & it shines through your music. It may be why Cover Girl & You’re Not Alone are probably my favorite songs. More than the fact that you wrote it…they are great songs with amazIng lyrics & vocal parts in it. I could go on & on about you not that you would read it but I could talk about you like this to anyone because you have inspired me in my everyday life to do what I love. I feel like I’ve been stuck for the past year because I have to decide what to do with the rest of my life but as long as I follow your quote on the back of those amazing necklaces that says “Find your passion and run with it; anything is possible” I believe I will find my passion. I love to sing & everyone I know says I should make something out of it but I have had painful stage fright since I was young which is why I never want to sing in front of any audience but I believe with your words I just might overcome that.
    So with that I say thank you for being you & for being the amazing person that you are to me & so many other Rushers out there! I’m not sure if you would ever read this but I am doubtful that I will ever be able to tell you this in person because I will never be able to afford VIP tickets. The only thing I can hold onto right now is the fact that I am seeing you guys in the summer on August 17th, 2012 (the best day of my life) & just be able to see you do what you love on that stage is enough to believe that dreams come true. I hope maybe you will notice me at the show but hoping is what I always do. Thank you anyway for being just Kendall! Much love from New York! Veronica ♥

  73. Ada Mena says:

    First of all I’d like you to know that my english IS REALLY BAD :P hehe.
    Mmm… to start? I’m from Perú. I’ve been a rusher for 3 months and some days and I feel really bad for that… I mean, I havent been there for you guys since the very beginning because i didnt took the time to listen to your songs or even watching the show. I rememeber perfectly the day when I became rusher, i was like “HOW IS IT THAT NOBODY TOLD ME ABOUT THIS PERFECT GUYS?!” I watched 7 secrets and yeaaaah…”Life’s too short to be organized” thanks for that :P
    Since that moment, I started to watch every episode and listen to your music… I fall in love with you guys, with your music, with all of you for being…just YOURSELF. If you only knew how much you mean to me know…but it doesn’t really matter because I know that you guys do what you do for rushers.
    (Once again sorry…I’m really bad at engish – ;___; )
    And last but not least…Latin America needs BTR! yeeey don’t forget it, deal? :D
    It’s not necessary to wish you guys the best, because you are the best.

    Ps: Did you understand everything? I got relly nervous just thinking that you WOULD PROBABLY read this :)
    WAIT! I’ll send you another fan mail…soon! Wait for it, ok? :)


  74. Joanna says:

    Hey Kendall!
    I just wanted to thank you so much for the music you and the boys create, you are seroiusly one beautiful person inside and out. I just can say that I love Big Time Rush, I love you, you guys have insipired me so much to not give up on my dream of being a singer, I live in Mexico in Torreon the chances of being a singer here are tiny, but when I hear your music I just know that if it`s what I want and what I love to do if I give all I can I can do it, I love to sing (specially to your songs) and you have give me the courage to say “Yes, I want to be a singer, yes I know what the chances are, but I know I can do it and I`m not giving up”When I hear your music I feel like I`m not invisible and I am not alone, my life is hard I`ve been through a lot of things and music is my safe place, you are my safe place. So all I can say is Thank You, I probably would have give up on my dream without you. I Love You Guys :)

    B.T.R ROCKKS!! :D

  75. Wendy says:

    You have affected the lives of so many people and not just the teenagers and young adults. I am an older fan and never thought that a boy band would mean so much to me. Your music is ageless and has touched my heart, like you have. I am so proud of you and all you have accomplished. I am so proud to be a Rusher and will always be there to support you. Thank you for everything you do for us. Much Love.

  76. Monse says:

    Hola Kendall!!
    I just wanna say thanks for all you do for your fans, you’re my inspiration and my reason to smile every day, thanks for writing songs like “You’re not alone” and “Cover Girl” cuz now I feel like a Cover Girl too.
    Seriously I´m so proud of you, Who are imaginary only 3 years before you were singing covers on YouTube as any boy with a dream?
    I hope you actually read this, and sorry because my English is really bad = /
    thanks for all your love and for taking the time to read this.
    Don´t forget that Mexico loves you so much!!!
    I hope someday you reply me on my twitter @MonzeLopezE, because if you do make me the happiest girl in the world.
    Te Amo ♥

  77. Daniela says:

    Hi Kendall<3 I only want to say that I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! & I want to say THANKS for EVERYTHING thanks for the passion that u put in all the concerts, thanks for doing music, thanks for being YOU!!!! Please COME TO MEXICO, WE CAN'T WAIT!!! #LatinAmericaNeedsBTR I love youuuuuuu! :) & my heart belongs to you
    atte: Your cover girl Daniela<3
    tw: @KendallsCoverG

  78. Denise says:

    Kendall, I know you have thousands and thousands of messages, work, rehearsals, and with all that, your free time may be very very little. But I just wanted you to know how much you and the guys from btr mean to me! I love Big Time Rush and I hope I can get the crazy life you have some day! And if yuo can, come to Argentina, the doors are always opened for you! And Cecilia was right, there ARE NOT enough words to thank and to describe what you make us feel!
    With all the possible love,
    P.s.: Cecilia that was an amazing and beautiful letter.

  79. carolina says:

    hello kendall it is that I’m speechless I do not know, I am not a big fan that not everything they know your fans but you know that I thank you for being the person for whom I fight for my dreams all the days one day I will go to the United States and I’ll see you in person and I’ll get to school to learn to speak English and not have to use the translator to write that although I do not know is that you really love your fans and gives me comfort to know that I am not imbisible for you, and for the rest of the world I know you’re the inspiration for many girls and many girls want to marry you because I will not lie lol if he wanted a hug yours :) and I think many lol I also wanted it to what I can look at the comments above are too special not just want porfin imbisible for someone, and here is the question you want to be my friend? who can tell you everything up when you are sad and you wonder why do not you’re a best friend lol I wonder the same thing every day I think you’re a normal person but I hope you’re famous and can be your friend :) ) I say goodbye and if a word is misspelled sorry not English, also agradesco you for making my heart race as I feel that I will explode a good fan though I like to scream when I see someone famous but you will try it lol well now if I go good night and continues to shine with the radiance of kendall friend always :) I love you and the BTR should come here to guadalajara good :) sorry if the words are spelled correctly but not English and I have to use the translator. and hopefully puedasresponder me the question I asked kiss bye jajajaja :) )

  80. Jessica says:

    Kendall, Were Do I Start ?! Your My Hero My Life Saver <3 Thankyou for being you (: You SO Attractive and Sexxxy ;) We Shall Get Married haha well you and the Boys Are The ONLY music I listen/talk about ! I swear I drive my family and Friends CRAZY (; Follow Me On Twitter?! @IAdoreKFSchmidt My Username Says It All ! Just ThankYou :,) Seeee You At The Summmmer Tour ! 8/18/12 NEW JERSEY (: – your biggest fan Jessica (:

  81. Jaquelinne Schmidt says:

    Kendall just want to say I love you’re the best guy I’ve seen the TV I love you I love you I love you I love you and I never tire of saying you’re the best I know and when do you hug you with all my strength to Francis Kendall that I love you I LOVE YOU .. Schmidt German! And love you as you sing a lot are the best and you are my idol I’m from Mexico and went to a concierot yours in Phoenix AZ and travel just to see you and I’ll do it ..! Because I love you all but I’m in love with you I AM IN LOVE Kendall ..! And only you I love you ..! Kendall way too: D I love you much ..! You’re the best thanks for reading :)

  82. hello I hope Kendall fan and receive the first email that you have good health and God be with you and wanted desirte big songs are very beautiful peak in all I identify especially with “Cover Girl” is a very nice girl specification you are not satisfied with it and almost no self-esteem when I hear my self-esteem Cover Girl, by elva of that song so beautiful and invisible Invisible I’m invisible and Cover Girl I feel very nice, thanks Kendall am a big fan of big time rush I hope soon to give their concert here in mexico please the rushers look like their Mexican alos greetings guys and logan james carlos you are well

  83. mollie says:

    Kendall, i cant put my love for you into words. Other rushers on here have done an amazing job of that. But i cant, i love you so much its indescribable. And its crazt. I mean you are 8 years older than me and have no idea i exist. But my love for you is true. You are an amazing, beautiful, and inspiring person- inside and out. You have helped me get through my darkest hours. Its amazing how i can just think of you and my world is right again. YOU are my world. My life revolves around YOU. I cant think of a person in this world i adore more than you. You gave me my life back. I ised to feel like a waste of air. Like a worthless nobody. I awlays felt invisible at school. I had almost no friends, because i was so shy. I felt ugly and unwanted at school. Then god sent an angel into my life that flipped my world upside down. You know who that angel was? You. You taught me that its ok to be myself,i dont have to be afraid. You taught me that im never alone, and that im not ugly- im beautiful in my own way. Thank you,thank you so much kendall. You really are my spiderman. This world is so incredibly lucky to have you in it. Without you there would be no definition of perfect. I know you dontblike it when we call you perfect,but kendall, you ARE. You are incredibly talented,sweet,funny,adorable, and just everything good in this world. Everything a girl could ever want- could ever dream of having. I want you to know that although I may take down my posters, put my cds away, and throw my tshirts at the back of the drawer, you will forver hold a special place in my heart. The fact that you turned me into who i am today will never go away. I look up to you. You are y role model. You are mt inspiration for everything i do. When i dance, i imagine you sitting there watching me, and i dance for you. When i play soccer i dream that you are in the stands watching me, and i give the game my all, because my hero taught me to. Thanks to you im not afraid of myself. Im not afraid to go big time. Im not afraid to give something my all. I could never thank you enough for that. This may not be the best written letter, but its not a competition. I just wanted to try…try to tell you what you mean to me. This letter doesnt do it justice. You are my everything. The air i breathe, the water i drink, the sun of my galaxy. Words could never describe the extent of what i feel for you. Please dont ever let anyone tell you you arent good enough, because you are better than enough. You are better than more than enough.vyou are more than perfect. If you read this,i hope i made you smile. The only thing i could ever hope for in life is your happiness.
    sending all my love<3
    ps.cecilia your letter was amazing!

    • RequestBTR says:

      Nice letter Mollie and I agree with most of it, but make sure that you have made the development of your self, your world. I think Kendall’s message is to inspire you to be you and to become the best you possible. Kendall’s doing that in his own life and his songs are written to convey that message to you and all Rushers. Then take that understanding and become an inspiration for others. Work hard, be courageous, find your passion, and go for it!

  84. Jamie says:

    If it wouldn’t have been for Kendall writing Cover Girl and You’re Not Alone, I may have never fought to overcome this eating disorder. I would have let it kill me. But I’m fighting it everyday, and I owe my life to him.

  85. emilia ramos says:

    Kendall Schmidt .. My idol, You don’t know how much I love you, you’re my inspiration my hero my cover boy you are everything to me, the happiest day of my life was when you gave me retweet. When I saw that I can’t stop crying , because my idol had given me a retweet and that means a lot to me .I really love big time rush , and be a rusher is the best feeling in the world, the day you won your blimp i was so excited that I screamed and started to cry , kendall there aren’t any words to express how much I love you and I would like to thank you for completing my life, kendall think there are not enough words to describe the love I have for big time rush, so I will do it short and simple I LOVE YOU BIG TIME AND I LOVE RUSH!
    Thanks for making the rushers feels special with the beautiful songs you’ve wrote , thank you very much for everything , you need to make a concert here in ecuador it would make happy a lot of rushers : I love you .. By:Emilia Ramos

  86. A Rusher says:

    Hi Kendall! Reading what these other people wrote has inspired me to share my heart to.
    I’m not sure how to start this, I don’t know if you, James, Logan & Carlos will ever know what a huge inspiration you guys are to us Rushers!!!
    Thank you so much for all the hard work you do, the late nights at the studio, the days and days of rehearsals before tours, the songs written for us, …..everything that you do to make us happy. And I know its not only to make us happy that you do it, but because you LOVE it!! I love the passion you have in everything you do!! How you throw your all into everything!! Your love for your Rushers and fans is incredible to!!! Nobody can say that you dont care about us- you hug us, tweet us, write songs for us, love us…the list could go on.
    Thank you so much for writing the song: Cover Girl – (how did you know how much we needed that song?) You remind us every time we listen to it that inward beauty is what counts most of all and that EVERY girl is beautiful no matter if we’re tall, short, fat, skinny.
    I have been told already that I am obsessed with you guys.But no its not an obsession, its huge dedication. Some people will never understand, but that’s ok cause I wont let that stop me from loving you.
    I’ve had times when I was really down and discouraged about my life and I wanted to give up because I didnt think I could go on. But then i’d listen to you guys singing and I’d think about how if I had a chance to sit down and tell you what I was going through, you wouldn’t tell me to give up. You would tell me that I AM worth it and to keep on keeping on!
    When I feel lonely I listen to the songs and altho the tears stream down my face for awhile, it makes me feel better. In the times when I’m missing a very close loved one that died, your music helps to ease some of the pain in my heart.
    I thank God for putting you guys in the world. I know He did it for a reason – so that you could touch and inspire so many people’s lives. He knew we needed you.
    Someday I hope I will be able to get a VIP ticket or maybe by luck meet up somewhere and hug each one of you (even if it is for 5 seconds) and tell you that I love you and appreciate all that you do. (At least I hope I’ll be able to say it cause I know I will be crying). Makes me emotional just thinking about it. It would be so wonderful!!
    Thank you for being so awesome and also wonderful examples to us!! You changed so many lives and I know God is blessing you for it!
    I wish I could tell you all this face to face, but I know chances of that happening are very slim. My deepest hope is that you will read this and know that it was from my heart!!!

    Much love from my heart – a Rusher

  87. Elizabeth says:

    So, there are no words I can really say that express how much I love Kendall Schmidt. He makes me feel beautiful when I’m sad and can always put a smile on my face, whether it’s through music, his adorable laugh, or his dorkiness. I stay up late every night watching his covers and interviews. If I had one wish in the world it would honestly be to meet him. His eyes are to die for and he seems so down to earth, I really love him and it makes me sad that all I’ll ever be to him is a fan, but he keeps me going everyday, I hope you get a chance to read this, I love you Kendall Francis Schmidt. <3

  88. Elizabeth says:

    Also, you changed my life for the better <3

  89. rysy says:

    Guys , when do you come to holland?
    You guys rock

  90. LoveLikeKendall says:

    Dear Kendall,

    Thank you for being my role model,you showed me how to believe in my dreams you are the best role model ever!! Please never stop doing what you love to do !!!! Much love from Holland! Please visit us!

  91. LoveLikeKendall says:

    Dear Kendall,

    Thank you for making music, thank you for being so amazing, thank you for letting me see that I have to make my dreams come true. Please never stop doing what you love to do <3 I'll always support you no matter what. You´re an amazing role model. I´ll do everything to make you smile <3 That you don't even see me, that's the price I'll pay <3

    Much Love, Michelle (Holland)

  92. deecooper says:

    Hey there Kendall! I’m Dee, and I’m somewhere from the Asian countries. I am totally inlove with you guys. You guys inspired me and thankyou for that. I just wanna say congratulations for winning the blimp on the KCAs. I LOVE your movies and I watched each & every episodes of Big Time Rush on Nickelodeon. In just 3 years, you guys have accomplished a lot. We, Rushers will always be with you forever. It’ll be great if I get the chance to meet you guys in person, maybe. So no matter where you guys are, just be yourselves and we rushers will always love you.

    P.s : Please sent my regards to the other member of BTR, especially James. I love him. Xoxo, Dee

  93. KEF825 says:

    You all don’y know what it means to love a band so badly and never see it at all! I leave so far in a country that no one knows! How i suppose to see those boys who i love with all my heart? How can i see thsose boys who their music is always in my heart and every where i go? I love them with all my heart and i will die if one day i vould finaly see them! But i guess this is only just a dream:/ why on earth nobody knows my country? Big Time Rush you are everything to me! And at the end i want to say one thing…… LOGAN HENDERSON LOVE ME LOVE ME <3 <3 <3

  94. Serena says:

    I thought i was the biggest Rusher, and i was very very wrong.
    I hope the boys come to Belgium very soon.
    And meet the girl in New Jersey that wrote that note that almost made me cry.
    xoxo Serena

  95. Nikki says:

    “Aren’t you too old to listen to Big Time Rush?” We hear it all the time. A grown woman well over the normal “age range” that would be considered appropriate at love BTR. The critics will never understand. Music has no age limit. Especially great music.

    I’m 27 years old. I’ll be 28 in July.

    I wanted to write this note because I needed to finally express my gratitude, my most heartfelt thanks to Big Time Rush for saving my life. I was diagnosed with a condition when I was 16. Though not life threatening, it lead to other health related issues. I was teased. I didn’t feel pretty. I hated who I was. Fastforeward to the present day. I now suffer with depression. The medicine I was given to help with one health issue, causes me to become extremely sick. But it is the only way.

    There are days when I just cry in bed. I can’t do anything. The pain from the medicine is too much. I feel alone, and just horrible. It’s on those days when I need to find strength. It’s on those days, I am at my weakest.

    One day, as I found myself in this “funk”, ‘Invisible’ followed by ‘Cover Girl’ played. I smiled through my tears.’You’re Not Alone’ played next, and I knew that it.was a sign. Listening to BTR reminds me that life is too short and that I should live a little, something I was too afraid to do.

    So when I say you all saved my life, I mean it. Instead of always focusing on the negative, I think positive. I’m putting my passion to the test!!

    Thank you,
    Nikki, #CougarRusher

  96. Jennifer Allen says:

    Hi Kendall,

    I just wanted to say that I think you are the most sweetest nice person ever. Even though I have never meet you, which I would love to meet you, it seems like you are in my book. I love all of BTR songs and I have been a fan since the first episode came on Nick. Every song makes me happy and smile. Every episode makes me laugh. You always put a smile on my face and CoverGirl makes me really smile. It makes me feel beautiful and Invisible makes me feel like I do exist and that I matter. I am proud of how far you came and will continue to listen to your music forever. Thank you for always putting a smile on my face everyday :)

  97. Esther says:


    I have know idea what I have to write in a mail like this. Maybe something like: ‘I’m you’re biggest fan!’ But I think no one is that really. Our maybe: ‘You guys are amazing!’ But that’s not a secret. Everbody know’s that. ;)

    It’s funny how I becaume a fan of you guys. Because first, my friend was a huge fan of you, and I was like thinking: What? Big time rush? Never heard of. (that was totally at the beginning, that you know that :P ) But she was listening to all you’re songs, and then I thought, mmm, I like those songs!! And then I start to look to the episodes, listening to the songs, and talk so much about you that I drive everyone crazy! (Not everyone, cause some people becaume a fan because of me ;) )

    But, (back to a very serieus mail, :P )
    I just want to say that you’re music inspirers me, every day again. And you guys are giving me the feeling that everyone is special, no matter what.
    Maybe 1 day, you guys will come to Holland! Our else, I will come to America. ;p

    Yust one question: Kendall, what was you thinking when you heard about the ‘Number 1, number 2 song?’ :)
    Cause when I heard it, I just want to hear it again and again! (and I really did that.)

    I hope you guys will come to Holland, and that I will be by the concert, (Just my luck)
    Cause that whould be really a dream that come true!
    Lots of Love,

  98. Olivia says:

    Kendall, you were born to entertain us, to make us laugh & to move us with your songs. But mostly you were born to inspire us to live a bigger & better life. Rushers are blessed to have you as someone they can look up to because you are an awesome human being. I’ve been blessed to meet you several times. Every Rusher has a story about how you & BTR helped them or saved their life. I am no different. The 1st time I met you, when you walked up to me & put your arm around me, something inside me changed. It started with my attitude and my belief in myself & my dreams. Everyday I strive to be a better person because of you. I won’t give up. I can’t wait to see where your passions take you! I know your path will lead to even more unbelievable success! I wish you luck, love & happiness on your way! It doesn’t matter that you may never read this or you may never know how much I admire you…it’s enough to leave my thoughts & love here. Well, I really did intend to keep this short & sweet so “Thank you for being you, Kendall!” Much Love, Olivia @ItsJustLivvy

  99. Cassandra says:

    I love you guys,you are so talented and beautiful ;)
    Above all Kendall <3
    LOVE BTR!!!

  100. Hi Kendall! I hope you’re reading this will all the fan mail that you’ve been receiving every day, every hour, every second. You’re my #1 idol. Every time I hear your beautiful, soft, voice, every time I see your shining, green, eyes, & your incredibly, cute and deep dimples from the interviews, episodes, music videos, songs, etc. my heart can’t help but to skip a beat. I’m here to thank you for inspiring me. I know a lot of girls told you that because of you their lives have changed and the truth is I’m one of those girls whose lives has also been changed. The whole class knows me as a huge BTR fan, a 100% total Rusher, and especially your Cover Girl. They also know that among the four boys, YOU have touched my heart. Thank you for inspiring me not to give up on my dreams & not to care what people think of me, it’s what I think of myself that matters. Thank you also for helping me to stop thinking that I should just cut and stop living ’cause I have no place in this world. And thank you for being there while no one is around. You might be asking yourself how could you be here with me when we don’t even know each other personally. It is because of your music. I always listen to “Cover Girl” and “You’re Not Alone” whenever I feel down. Your music inspires me to do better, to be a better person. But not just your music, basically the WHOLE YOU. Thanks to you, my grades got higher than I expected, I got to know other Rushers from other countries(through twitter), you taught me that I should not give up on my dreams, and many more that I can’t even put into words. I really hope you notice my existence. I check your twitter every day, & every time I go online. Whenever you’re online &/ do a tweet spree I mention you but you don’t notice me with all the Rushers mentioning you. I don’t want to bore you with this fan mail but all I really can say is a big THANK YOU for truly inspiring me and for being my idol. I won’t betray you with other celebrities. You will always be my #1 idol in my life because you’re the reason why I’m this motivated to my education, my dreams, and especially meeting you.
    If you don’t notice this message well it’s okay but I hope you’ll know that you are the reason why I’m still alive, why I’m not giving up on my dreams, and why I’ll do my best in everything in my life to make you proud. Just so I can prove you that I really do exist, here’s my twitter: @pamelaravasco
    The truth is a tweet/DM/follow from you will mean the world to me. I’ll be the happiest girl in the world if you’ll do either one/two/all/ of the three because it proves that you do notice my existence and that you read this mail that YOU ARE MY NUMBER ONE IDOL ♥
    In case you are thinking that I did this for a celebrity to know me or so that I can be popular but NO. I did this for you to know how you meant the world to me. How you’ve left a big mark in my heart. If you’ll go to my class and ask how much you really mean the world to me, they will answer you in different ways but in the same meaning; and that meaning is you don’t only mean the world to me, you mean the WHOLE UNIVERSE to me. They know how much I love you. How much I dream of meeting you someday. Every time we have an essay writing, project making, or/and other stuff that we are suppose to make/write about and we are free to choose who/what will be our subject, my primary choice will be YOU. Well not only you but BIG TIME RUSH. Rushers are blessed to have you. We are blessed that BTR has you in it. I’m also proud of you that fame hasn’t changed you and I really hope you won’t. I hope until the end you will still be the same Kendall Francis Schmidt who was born from Wichita, Kansas on a Wednesday last November 2, 1990 who started singing at the age of 3. I PROMISE I’LL BE BY YOUR SIDE UNTIL THE END. RUSHER’S HONOR. So to wrap up this mail; again THANK YOU for coming into my life and I really hope I can meet you.

    God bless you!
    Pamela :)

  101. Natalie says:

    Look guys. Me and my best friend are rushers, too. We even made cookies with their names [which were REALLY delicious :p! anyway..]. We like their music and, yes, some songs like cover girl and invisible can make you feel better when you’re feeling blue. Some fans said that kendall has changed their lives forever etc. etc. I don’t say that they’re lying or something BUT i think it’s really weird beacause they haven’t met him, they don’t know him at all. They describe his character..but since they haven’t met him thay CAN’T know his character!I believe his a cool guy but that’s my opinion i can’t say that his is actually good cause i don’t know him..And nobody’s flawless so he must have some negative points in his personality, too..So why don’t you just chillax?

  102. Elizabeth G says:

    Wow!! Just can say WOW!!! I couldn’t have say it in a better way..!! Thanks Cecelia for writing this.. We LOVE Kendall.. =)

  103. Seanan says:

    Kendall, I love you

  104. alex says:

    i know he’s so amazng a wonderful singing

  105. Katie says:

    You don’t have to like Kendall Francis Schmidt. But u don’t have to send him hate. He is amazing, talented, humble, kind, sweat, big hearted, funny and so much more. He works his butt off along with the rest of the band. And if u say he doesn’t care just talk a listen to Cover girl or You’re not alone both songs which he wrote. Kendall has a heart of gold. He grew up being bullied but he didn’t let that stop him from living out his dream. He may not always look perfect but I don’t care I love him or what’s on the inside. He can make the weirdest\funniest faces but still some how look hot. That’s because I love him for his personality and weird is his personality. He has the best laugh it is so contagious. He can make me laugh so hard no noise comes out or I fall off my chair. His smile makes me smile. And don’t get me started on his eyes. I don’t care that he has 3 tattos. Its his body he can do what ever he wants. He has truly changed my life. And I cant thank him enough. <3

  106. Chrissy says:

    Kendall Schmidt. One word that means the whole world for me ♥
    your my idol, my inspiration, just everything.
    Everytime i see your smile my world’s perfect. no matter if i felt sad before or bad. :)
    Everytime when you have been in germany, i can’t meet you because the distance frome my home tome was to long :(
    but i know and i believe in that there will be SOMEDAY♥
    someday that i’ll finally meet you and talk to you and maybe make some music with u together? ;D
    you show me again and again that it’s worth to never give up.:)
    and i won’t give up. I don’t care if it takes like years to meet you, because i now that in the end i’ll meet you and my dream will come true :)

  107. Samantha says:

    Kendall you’re such a huge inspiration in my life…I love how your songs have such meaning to them:) You really know how to make people feel special. Stay the way you are and never change<3 Thankyou

  108. Celia says:

    Hello (:
    I have so many things to say,but to be honest Cecelia with her comment before pretty much said everything.
    I just want to say that you are amazing,you have a really amazing and touching voice and a great personality. I really love how you treat your fans(Rushers)and we really appreciate it.I just hope you continue to do what you do and I can’t wait for your cover on youtube!Your songs are great too. Some of them upbeat and ‘party’ songs but some others with deep meanings that can make you feel better when you feel bad about yourself.Make you think that someone cares,that you are not alone and that you are beautiful.Everyday that I wake up I listen to ‘Cover girl’ and I smile.You’ve made me more confident about the way I see myself.I hope one day I will come to your concert but right now it’s impossible,because I live in Greece and you’re not going to have a concert here any time soon.But I really want to meet you,because I admire you so much! I am thinking in 2 years,when I become 18 to come to America and see you live at your concert.I know this seems crazy but I will save up money and do it! I am a crazy person indeed.I am not sure if it’s a good idea though,because I am going to sing every song which won’t be the best for my voice( :P ) and when I meet you I will probably be so excited that I will either freeze and not talk at all,or talk non-stop because I won’t be able to find the right words to describe how I feel. So if in 2 years,a crazy person comes to America from Greece just to see your concert and seems kinda nervous,that will be me.Who knows,maybe in 2 years you will do a worldwide tour so I won’t have to travel to America!I really hope so,that means you will be known worldwide!You deserve it!By the way I was so happy when you won at the KCAs,I was voting everyday at least 1o times.I have already started talking non-stop,haha!I am going to contact greek radio stations too to play your songs.You have fans in Greece too,if you didn’t know!
    I would be the happiest person in the world if you ever noticed me.I even stay up until 3 am at twitter to see your tweets and reply to them,hoping that one day you will follow me.Haha,as I told you before I am crazy.Good crazy though,not bad crazy.If you know what I mean!By the way,true rushers are happy when you date someone,so don’t listen to all the bad comments when there is a rumour that you date a girl.Seriously,it’s your freaking life and you can date whoever you want.Like you are going to date them,and if you were going to,you haven’t met them yet so you aren’t ”theirs”.But I highly doubt that you would date a person like that(I mean the fake rushers).Just saying,because you,James,Logan and Carlos have heard a lot over the years.True rushers will always support you whatever choice you make,as long as you are happy with it! :)
    I really hope you read this!Well,even if you didn’t,It’s ok(you are probably really busy,there is no way you could read all of these) because I felt really good writing it andI finally expressed my feelings for you!Stay true and keep being your passionate,generous,good-hearted,beautiful self :)
    I send you my love!
    (And sorry for all the mistakes,I know my english isn’t the best!!)


  109. LoveLikeKendall says:

    Dear Kendall,

    You have to know you’re the most amazing guy ever.
    You don’t say you’re perfect,
    You don’t think you’re perfect,
    You don’t act like you’re perfect,
    but that is what makes you perfect <3 You are very special, you always stay yourself, not every celeb can say that.. and you are ALWAYS so nice to everyone! Please never stop goofing around like you always do :)
    I just want to say, we Rushers, love you just the way you are!! I can't point that out enough :)
    Hope someday I'll see you in Holland

    Xx Michelle

  110. Kiely says:

    Yeah I don’t want to sound creepy either, but I know how this girl feels, Kendall has somehow become a borderline obsession in only two weeks, he has made me feel so happy just to know he is out there, being who he is, makes me feel inspired, and sometimes I just think to myself if only he ever got a chance to kiss me, it doesn’t matter the scene, he would feel the same like we were soulmates!! (if you believe in that sort of thing) I just hope that all his dreams come true, and I hope that one day, I can get out of the slump I’m in, monetarily and actually meet him. I just want to hang for a min and I pray that someday I can, just so I can look into those eyes up close and tell him how much without even knowing him he has changed my life. Kendall alone, Kendall in BTR, and Kendall of Heffron drive, I wish that voice was mine always!! But Kendall just in case I don’t get the chance to tell you in person, you mean the world to me! YOU DO!! Thx for being who you are!! with lots of love, Kiely twitter@yabytiger4288
    p.s. noticed your whole family has k names i fit right in…lol!

  111. Efi says:

    OMG It’s Kendall Schmidt!
    i wish i could tell this just for once in my life!
    YOU kendall have changed my life! i know you don’t care cause you have soo many fans out there.When i first saw you in nickelodeon i got inspired by these eyes i was happy again! You gave me hope in a difficult part of my life like a sunshine after rain! Seriously i can see in the mirror a happy person when the only color i could see was the black..Don’t laugh if you read this of course but every time i see your smile or listen your voice i cry! seeriously like every day!! When i wake up the morning i go to my huge big time rush poster i say good morning angels and kiss u! Everyone in my school knows that i am super addicted to you and it’s a kind of funny but they call me “Kenaddicted” I only live with the dream of you to pay attention or something! I have made almost all my friends and my mom schmidters;) we only talk about you:) i started guitar lessons cause you play the guitar and i only play ur songs! Once i fight with a classmate of mine cause he said something bad about you and both we went to the principal’s office! it was an awesome fight! Everyday i pray for a concert somewhere near to me or something like that…i wanna desperatly meet you…You are the only thing i want in this world! Or just wish you pay attention! Sorry if i am spamming right now or just being annoying but when i write or talk about you i am out of control! My biggest wish now? Read this! Well i am gonna say the usual stuf always a rusher and a schmidter;) & don’t stop being handsome & hot<3 always in my heart^ oh by the way this is my twitter name @schmidtslady in case any of you wanna follow me:) please talk to me i am happy meeting people especially rushers;) and 1 more thing! I AM GRATEFULL YOU EXCIST KENDALL SCHMIDT<3 THANK YOU!

  112. kimberly says:

    I’m a huge fan of btr :D

    When I wake up I turn on the mobile and listen to BTR songs ..even when I’m going to sleep I do the same
    You gave me inspiration and courage to believe in myshelf
    A year ago I was determined to be an actor and a singer but I lost courage cause I’m a really shy person ://
    But now because of you I have a little hope that one day I can be a succesful singer & actor ! I just need to be less shy ….
    And pls I beg you to come to Europe … cause you always to tours in Amerika and Europe fans cannot come there :/
    My dream is too meet you and come a your concert but I know that it’s not going to happen but I just keep on hoping!
    I love you Kendall <3 xxx
    We are Rushers for life we'll always support you whatever you do!

  113. Kiely says:

    By the way James, Logan, and Carlos make me laugh too, your all talented, but Kendall is certifiably, paramountly, and wonderfully, staggering

  114. Maggie says:

    Kendall Francis Schmidt <3 let me first start off with my birthday party..I made my
    Friends dress up as big time rush and I had a whole cake and everything! Haha but Kendall you are my everything. There's not a second in the day when I don't think about you. EVERYTHING reminds me of you. For example, every Wednesday I think about "free cinnamon roll wednesday" and just yesterday my dad was eating a cobb salad and all I could think about was you! Just last month you tweeted me while I was in school and I went to the bathroom and bawled my eyes out! Lol! My friends are always making fun of me because every other word out of my mouth is something about you. I get your tweets sent to my phone, and I nearly have a heart attack every time you tweet. A lot of times I sit and wonder.."what is Kendall doing right now" and I'm constantly on tumblr and YouTube watching you guys. Is it sad that I can type big time rush or Kendall Schmidt into YouTube and theres not ONE video that I haven't seen? And I have every single episode of btr on my DVR. I can recite the number order of all the songs on elevate and you better believe that I know every word<3 Most importantly kendall, you've really changed my life more than anyone else has, and I will nevertheless be able to thank you for making me feel more comfortable on my own skin. You inspire me more than anyone else ever has or ever will. I bawl at least twice a day just thinking about you, not to sound creepy. You are the most wonderful, gorgeous, talented, funny, passionate, and amazing person I have ever seen. NEVER CHANGE. I love you Kendall Francis Schmidt and I always will <3 Follow me on twitter? ;) @BTRkendallsgurl or @schmidtttbaby21

  115. Alyssa says:

    Hi Kendall,
    I see that a lot of people on this page are inspired by you and your motivation. You make a lot of people happy and help them see the bright side on dark days through your music and personality. I might not know you personally but I from what I could see, you seem like a genuinely nice person. The confidence that you radiate off of yourself helps me be comfortable about myself and being in my skin. “And as we let our own light shine we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same” — Marianne Williamson
    And that’s what you did for me. The messages that you convey through your music(i.e Cover Girl) helps a lot of girls like me be comfortable in their own skin and body and I just wanted to thank you.
    Thank you for your words of inspiration,

  116. CallMeARusher says:

    Kendall * – *
    you are my hero, you become important to me!
    you are my inspiration, thank you for everything Kendall!
    we love you

  117. Taina says:

    I don’t how to start putting in this place all the feelings that I’ve kept to myself for so long now. I know I will have a better chance to express all that I have here, in my heart and thankfully face by face. I would like to say thank you. Thanks for being so good with your fans, thanks for being who you are, thanks for bringing to my life amazing friends and thanks for being my hero. You have been with me every single time I need and either in those that I don’t. Your voice makes me feel good, in peace. And I would do anything just to say how much you mean to me personally. I know someday you will come to my country and I will say ”I love you” looking to your eyes, and you can’t say a word but I will know that you know how I feel.
    I love you truly and deeply. You are my inspiration, you keep me strong and fighting for my dreams, ofc you are one of those. I don’t have words to say how much you have done for me and how much I will do for you, because I will never stop supporting you and the guys. You’re my hero and heros are here forever. I love you so much and thanks once again for being the most amazing and talent person I’ve ever known. I meant every single word I put here and you will know all of them, someday. I thank God everyday for putting someone very special in my life and honestly I don’t know how to live without you anymore. Thank you for everything. And by everything, I meant it. You keep me here. And if I’m here is because of you. Thank you.
    I love you so much and hopefully I will see you soon.
    With love, your cover girl.

  118. Andrea says:

    I appreciate you, I love you, you’re a great person but i do not know, but it is because your parents and your brothers are very proud of you and love you very much, plus you will strive to do everything right and enjoy it a lot and that makes me happy and I hope to meet you some day but not if that happens .. but hopefully if I would like to come to Venezuela to know that we care a lot, and said, I hope you read this message I think you’ll be very happy !

  119. Emily Hayter says:

    Kendall Schmidt is so inspirational and kind, he is funny and down to earth and I will never regret being his Cover Girl or a Rusher! I love you guys <3 xx

  120. Isabella says:

    Thanks for inspiring me to follow my dreams, Thanks for making me smile everyday, Thanks for making me feel special, Thanks for being such an amazing person.. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING <3 I'll Always support you, no matter what :D

  121. Katheleen says:

    Hi Kendall,

    I want to thank you because today you open my eyes and you make me feel stronger.
    I mean; I am a student at university and it is actually really hard. (Ok I am almost twenty, it is maybe too old for writing to a star!) Everybody says that I am not enough intelligent to study there and that I won’t pass my exams because it is too much for me. I felt then stupid and I thought that people were right: my dreams won’t come true… (I study translation and after it, I want to study journalism because maybe one day, I could meet you and seeing exactly what you live and asking questions about your songs, what you feel, your fans. Ok, I have Big dreams but everything is possible, right?).
    I started to listen to your songs (cover girl especially) and it makes me feel strong. It was like I can do it. Someone believes in me and it is so good to feel it. So now, I am going to study hard, I will pass my exams and keep believing in my dreams. I won’t give up!

    I suppose that you will never read it because you have so many fans who really love you. I just wanted to write it because you help me to change my life today, but, to be honest, I am not really a big fan. I mean, I don’t watch BTR on tv because here it is translated in French and I am sorry guys but you look… stupid because French voices are awful! (Sorry but it is true!). So I prefer to listen to your songs and it makes me happy. :)

    It is everything that I wanted to tell you (/write you) and I hope that one day, you will come to Belgium with BTR and I promise that I will be there for thanking you again. Keep being yourself. People love you really much so enjoy it. :)

    See you soon!
    (Sorry for my English, I am just a French speaker and it is late so I am getting tired.)


  122. Daisy says:

    All I have to say is…
    Thank you
    Kendall :)
    Daisy <3

  123. anastasia says:

    kendall, logan, james and carlos are one of a kind. I am and will always be a proud rusher. I appreciate all the hard work they put into everything they do and even though i will never get to know them personally i still love them with all of my heart. :)

  124. Kathleen Fischer says:

    Hey Kendall! :)
    Ok so I’m not gonna write one of those gigantic paragraphs or use those huge words because thats just boring ;)
    I just want to thank you for EVERYTHING you have done for ALL of us rushers! You have given me a reason to live :) and on top of that you’ve brought so many AMAZING people into my life (Dbelt,Kevin, Kenneth, you get my point…. So Kenneth if you happen to read this ;) )
    I love you SO much more than ANYONE! I’ll always love you no matter what!
    <3 :D

  125. Jessica says:

    Hi Kendall you dont know me but youve changed my life your the reason that i want to be a singer and actress i reapeat the lines in btr episodes so i can be just as amazing as you are thank you so much your the reason why i go on twitter every single day just to see your tweets and everyday i wait to see if you reply to me your the reason why i smile everyday without you i dont know what id do your the reason why i keep trying to get solos in choir and to be in school plays i love you so much thank you <3

  126. carolina says:

    hi do not know if kendall read this but I have a question
    serious boyfriend of one of your fans?
    my 18 years my dream is you know I’m crazy talk if my mom tells me I’m big and stop thinking about those stupid things but I do not care I still think that some day be my boyfriend I’m 80 so safe as my sleep command you greetings from guadalajara I hope you answer me bye and kisses fallow me in twitter @carotrujillo12

  127. Olivia Z. says:

    Dear Kendall and the rest of BTR and any people who may be reading this,

    Hi, I’m Olivia. I’m not known, I’m not a big fan or anything, but I’m doing this for my sister. My sister is Cecelia Zitarosa, and some of you may know her from the, very long, message to Kendall about him that his brother, Kenneth Schmidt happened to tweet earlier today, and Kendall re-tweeted it. I have never seen Cecelia so happy in my life. Ever since she became a Rusher she has been full of happiness, never angry or sad, just always happy. For those of you who don’t know, Cecelia has accomplished something major in her life recently. Cecelia has lost 20 pounds over the past year and a half and she is doing fantastic, and this all seemed to start happening right around she started watching Big Time Rush. I know this is kind of way out there, and probably not my place to ask, but Cecelia really wants to meet the band. Really bad. She talks about it every day, all the time, whenever she can. Her bedroom wall next to her bed? Completely covered in Big Time Rush posters. Completely. YOu can’t see any wall, I’m not kidding. She has friends dropping off magazines with Big Time Rush posters in it so she can hang them up. If you ask me, there’s no better Rusher than Cecelia.

    I’m asking Big Time Rush, their producers, anyone with connections, to please help me out. Cecelia worked her tail off for days trying to win tickets to the August 18th Big Time Rush Concert at PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel New Jersey. She won the tickets on the radio, and because of that she called me screaming with excitement. I think I lost hearing in my left ear because of that…
    ANYWAY, back to what I was trying to get to. If anyone can try to get Cecelia and me backstage passes for her to meet the band (I am accompanying her on the trip.. It’s my job to keep her from jumping on the stage) I would be thrilled to see my sister so happy. There’s only so much I can do as her older sister, and especially knowing I’m going to college soon, there’s not much time left for me to see that big smile I enjoy to see every single day.
    SO PLEASE. I’m asking anyone with any type of connections, anyone from Big Time Rush, any producers or directors or stage managers or crazy fans or anything that can get me a way to get some backstage passes. Seriously that would make me happy. Cheesy, I know. But Cecelia is a good person with a good heart and definetely deserves this.

    Thank you to anyone who read this, and if you have some kind of connection to getting these backstage passes, please e-mail me with any information you may have.
    Or tweet to me, I like making new friends.

    Thank you so much again, everyone.
    Keep Rushing,
    Olivia (Sister of a Rusher)

  128. Carolina says:

    You are awesome! That letter really moved me :’) And it is amazing because you took a long time writting that just for Kendall… that is really inspiring

  129. Lea says:

    Hi Kendall
    How have u been? just wanna let u know that if u see this i would be so grateful ,
    lol first of all I LOVE YOUR AMAZING TALENT! i mean the effort you put with the music of BTR and also yours is only and special, and i don’t know another person that makes incledible youtube covers like you. Really im in love with your amazing voice and songs, hope u still doing so awesome stuff, and your funny personality that makes me laugh in the serie is just perfect to dont make me feel sad anymore , thanks for everything you done! :D

  130. Salma says:

    Thanks for Everything Kendall!! thanks for all those times you made me laugh, you’re an inspiration to the world, you’re a great person never change love to see big time rush never miss it, you’re a role model, you changed my life, you taught me many things if I had to change something to you,I would not change ANYTHING you’re special and unique,the only thing I have to say is thank you very much for EVERYTHING!! I Love you Kendall Francis Schmidt

  131. Kendall,
    You may or may not read this,

    I’m ashamed…at myself. Being jealous of other peoples AMAZING letters to you is not going to get you to notice me. I know that, I have only my self to blame. Anyway, I still want to tell you how much you (and the others ) mean to me. So, with that being said here is my story: how BTR helped me through my hardest times. Ok so if you guys read my bio I’m a survivor of ovarian cancer. I had found out about it in September 2009, right around the time BTR was to air on Nick. I had saw the commercials for BTR and thought “omg I have to watch this new show with hot guys!” Of course the chemotherapy center did not have Nick on the tv so in Nov (1st month) I watched it online at home. In December (2nd month) I kept an eye out for other information on this new show. Not till January of 2010 did I learn that they were also a band, with a few singles (“Any Kind of Guy, and “BTR”). So I bought those off iTunes and had them on repeat through months 3&4 (Jan and Feb 2010). Ever since then I’ve been a Rusher! And that is how 4 EXTREMELY HOT, TALENTED, DEDICATED, AMAZING, AWESOME, boys named Kendall, Logan, James and Carlos got me through my boring chemo days. That is just the tip of the ice burg. You have made an in pack on my life; the song Cover Girl has made me realize that there is someone out there that thinks I’m pretty. It makes me feel like I have something to live for (if the surviving cancer hasn’t already, still). I use to hate myself, pick at my acne, leaves scars. Now every time I hear that song, I think of you, of how you keep “telling” me to not give up that some day, someone in the world will love me and think I’m beautiful. It makes me believe in myself, that I can be strong. This song also helps me fall asleep at night, I go to bed knowing I’m happy. BTR has inspired me in more ways then one, you all have taught me never to give up on my dreams (which, I hope, will be to meet you 4), to be yourself, not to change just because of what people say you should be. At this point, I can not thank you (and the guys) enough for what you have helped me through. Sure of course I’d want you to notice me.. but after thinking a few hours, its better to stand by you. So I WILL stand by you, forever. I don’t care who you date, weather you swear, dye your hair color, get facial piercings (ok maybe.. ) and the biggest one- even when you get married/have a family (of course I wish that was me..hahah sure…but joking aside). You mean the world to me, you are 1/4 my inspiration and hero. You are my favorite ..yet of course I love James, Carlos and Logan too! I talk non stop about you, even though I get crap from one of my friends for being 20 and liking a “Nick” band, I really don’t care. You are what matters to me, NOT their hurtful comments. I can’t even describe how much it would mean to meet you.. (I am hoping to on 7/31 in Detroit.. I have the VIP but it depends on my school grades). I know I really should try to conclude this letter…. yet I have no idea how to. Just know that I will forever stand by you. Sure I may grow up, my cds/DVDs forgotten, the DVR thing on my TV empty, the posters come off the walls.. but in the end my memories of you and the boys, being a Rusher will ALWAYS BE WITH ME. Ok, I’m wiped out from typing this so I shall say my goodbye.
    <3Jordan (@xomusicismylife twitter.. you know just.. in case haa)

  132. I appreciate ALL you do for your fans, and please please please believe me when I say, if it weren’t for you I would be dead right now. So thank you sooo much! Words can’t explain how much I love you guys, and how long I could stay here on this computer, Talking about how great you guys are.. It would take years to say everything great about you.. and I am not lying. Because of you my world changed, my life changed, and most of all my heart changed, and so did I. So thank you. Your music, isn’t just another ‘stupid’ boybands music. like most people think. Your music, and you mean something to people. Like me… Music, it’s my life. Your guys music, it says to me, just be yourself, everything will be alright. Live life as if well, you’ll die tomorrow….. Thank you sooo much for that. I could never have asked for more, from anybody. This has been a total of taking me 3 hours to write this to you. And 5 to think of what to say… words just cant explain how much I love you. If you guys wouldnt mind, or aren’t busy, cuz I know how hard you guys work, emailing me? Reply and I will give it to you.. thank you. Or if you follow me on twitter, I can Message you and give it to you. And one other thing, The only reason I joined twitter, was to be able to communicate with you guys! Thank you sooo much! I love you! THANK YOU.

  133. Maria says:

    More of oll read u “sank u”
    I’m just wanna read it too. Say it to you and all BTR
    U and ur music make me happy ))
    It is very pleasant to write it to you

    Люблю вас ребята и вашу музыку!)

  134. karla E. says:

    hi guys i want to tell this on english but i didint speak and write well so i put this in espanish sorry
    hi i am karla an i fourteen years old i am from coahuila,mexico and since i saw the program you make me feel stronger and i want to give a big hug.
    how i want to meet you and tell all the things beacuse i love BIG TIME RUSH .I know i am only a fan but i really know that i am a BIG FAN.i cant tell you how i feel in this moment ,i want to cry because this i am writting get out of my heart.
    i wish only one day ,only five minutes see in person and tell you LOGAN JAMES KENDALL AND CARLOS that you BIG TIME RUSH change my life .I AM A RUSHER AND I FEEL PROUD OF IT.Since you BTR come on my life you make me feel stronger ,i sing your songs all the day .Today i heard MUSIC SOUNDS BETTER WITH U on the radio and it make me happay .i know maybe you couldnt read this but i want of heart that you just answer this please you will make me happy all my life ,if i can ,this moment i will travel to California to stay with us.Well i dont have any words to say so i wish you BTR the best .DO YOU WANT TO BE MY FRIEND ?
    All off my life is dedicated to you ,i want you show this letter to LOGAN, CARLOS AND JAMES PLEASE
    bueno que mas te digo yo practico ballet y pues todos mis estiramientos aunque me duelan se los dedico a ustedes y lo hago por ustedes ,hare todo lo posible por que alguna vez verlos en persona y agradecerles porfavor contestame seria un detalle muy especial y pues me harias muy feliz los quiero mucho chicos porfavor mandenme saludos me gustaria ecribirles mas pero ya no tengo mas palabras

  135. Kendall's cover girl says:

    I dont think there is enough words to explain the big impact Kendall has made in my life he gives me hope that not all guys are there to try to take advantage of you he taught me to believe in my dreams that it doesn’t matter what people say about you the real you will shine through so thanks Kendall thats not enough I know and I am sorry but I love you I hope that one day I can meet you and tell you face to face that I love you

  136. Kevin says:

    Hey There Kendall! I hope you’re still Ok…. I’m so Happy about the things you made up with the guys to improve the band, Thanks for inspiring me, Be a Rusherboy gave me amazing things for this year’s, I’m so proud for it! The Music of BTR is so amazing! The best music I heard in my entire Life, Sometimes the music gives me the feeling of singing and is so cool, You’re a good Singer buddy! Will be amazing if you come to Latinoamerica and make a Epic Big Night! If you come I will do my best to be your friend and of course for the guys too….. The guys and you makes me laugh anytime when I see your amazing show! Be a Rusher is so cool and for me is an honor…… and Your music is so great! I like so much Big Time Rush as Heffron Drive, You’re a master in the Guitar! I admire you and of course to you too James, Logan and Carlos! When I’m boring I hear your music and puts me in a good mood because is so enjoyable, fun, amazing, awesome, Elevated and EPIC! And sometimes I have a funny feeling about I know you and the guys from some place….. I don’t know why? But maybe is a thing from Rushers….. hehe, Of course the Rushers know about good music, You know what I mean?, Since I listen to your music I have a more love for the music! I hope this amazing band can do more amazing things to the future, Listen…. I want gave to you a present when you come to Ecuador, I hope you like it when I will gave to you…. Oh and congrats for your blimp, when you guys win the blimp I was so proud to be a Rusher and Proud of you too! And of course This is our fanbase in Ecuador @BTREcuadorO I hope you like it!…… And this is my Twitter If you can of course follow me @Rusher_Keyblade I hope you like this letter from a Rusherboy….. Well Good bye Dude, Be Fun! Be Happy! and always Be Friendly with all the people you love, Remember: Worldwide Rushers are Connected with you and the guys, Bye!

  137. Karista says:

    Hey everyone! Thank you all for the positive comments and being sooo sweet and kind! I love you all!!! I love all my supporters!

  138. Diana says:

    Im legit crying… Cecelia’s long comment is beautiful.. and this is EXACTLY how i feel about him as well. For these past few months, Ive been through going through a lot of rough times. Deaths, bullying, family issues.. etc…And Kendall has definitley helped me get through it all.

    Just by simply listening to the songs he wrote, or watching a few interviews or just the TV show itself helps me get through those difficult moments.

    I met Kendall about 2 months ago at universal studios in LA, and when i first saw him walking towards me i just couldnt help but cry. I couldnt believe i was finally meeting him. And the whole time i was there, i was completley starstrucked. I couldnt say anything or even look at him cause i just couldnt believe he was actually there. And i forgot to tell him how much he’s changed my life. I regret not saying anything to him.. I just wish i could relive that day and tell him that sooo many girl out there appreciate everything he does, and how many lifes he’s changed.. Honestly, i dont think id even be living right now if it wasnt for him..

    Like Cecelia wrote in her comment, Ive been haing carreer job issues as well…My parents wanted me to become a laywer/doctor. They also said that if i dont major in these careers, then im not going to college. But I didnt let them stop me. Ive been a Kendall fan (Schmidtster) since the very first day, ive seen the whole proccess of how his dreams have came true. And just seeing how much he’s succeded, it inspired me to live my dream. To major in something I want to major in. which is Graphic Designing. Ive always wanted to become a Graphic Designer, and nothing in this world is going to change that.

    Kendall, you are an amazing person. Inside and Out. Thanks to “CoverGirl” I feel much more confident in myself. I no longer worry about what people think. I no longer look in the mirror and make a disgusting look at what im seeing. I no longer worry about why i dont have that “Perfect body” or why i dont have that “Perfect Skin”. Actually, I have a sheet of paper thats taped to the mirror that says “Its whats underneath your skin, the beauty that shines within.”
    I read that lyric every morning before I start my day. It always puts a smile on my face. You taught me that everyone’s beautiful. No matter shape, size, or color.

    I just want to say one more thing…. and that is… Thank You… For Everything. <3
    -Diana (The Simpsons shoes girl)

    BTW, Im working on your handpainted SpiderMan Vans you wanted! Looks Epic so far! ;)

  139. jackie says:

    Kendall you are the most goofiest character I know and you are so nice, handsome, fun, romantic I love you you are my favorite character on the show. When you make faces when your on the show it cracks me up your so funny, and down to earth guy. And if no one sees that they are lost because I think I’d have a great time with you I’d never break your heart if I was ever your girlfriend because I love you so much. I can’t wait till the day I see you concert again in virginia beach. I hope I bump into you guys whether its on the beach of virginia beach or a restraunt anywhere in virginia beach. It wouldn’t matter where I’d meet you guys I love all you guys I hope you see this I hope you follow me or tweet or retweet me on twitter. It make my life it would make life if any of guys tweet me or follow or retweet ONE tweet would be fine. I want to know I exsist. Carlos made up the song “Invisiable” to show fans they aren’t invisable I know to you I’m not invisiable but it doesn’t mean I can’t be jealous how rushers get tweets and retweets and follows by you and the guys. But just remember this I love you with all my heart and the guys I’ll be thinking of you worldwide.<3

  140. Matheus says:

    kendall you are amazing and inspiring person BTR would not be the same without you.
    I’m from Brazil when you come here in Brazil???

  141. carolina says:

    hello esque truth in my school I am a victim of bullying and when I do things and say things I get to hear songs and tuis I forget all my problems and how I treat my fellow high school if I’m happy I do not say things I hear that if you sing though as they treat me bad if you listen to the mp3 I’m happy, it’s ugly to be a victim of bullying but I hear you sing and everything becomes better say goodbye goodbye kisses … thanks for the light of my life and give a touch of joy to my days as ugly.

  142. Daisy says:

    I LOVE YOU Kendall!!! Music Sounds Better With U baby!! Really hoping to meet you someday :) (trust me, when I have the opportunity to meet you, you’ll know it’s me when I give you a bear hug & I’ll be like “Oh my gosh! I’m hugging THE Kendall Schmidt!”) If you ever see this I hope you’ll follow me (@icyflower13) you have no idea how crazy I am for Big Time Rush!!

    Love Big Time Rush with my whole heart, soul, and mind! I think about Big Time Rush 24/7 and I sing like a dork to all your music but I don’t care because I’m happy!

    The last 6,952 tweets was dedicated to Big Time Rush so you guys could win the KCA blimp :) If that is not a dedicated Rusher, then I don’t know what is! (stayed up till late every night and it was the best feeling when you guys won the KCA blimp)

    My dream is to get a follow from you and get to meet you guys!


  143. CallMeARusher says:

    Its Time to say ‘DANKE’
    for your hard work
    for your love
    for your hugs & kisses
    …….for everything!

  144. CallMeARusher says:

    you’re one of the cutest guys EVER!
    when i saw you the first time i fell in love with you♥
    you’re so damn sexy & i can’t understand why are you single? :O
    we love you forever i promise you! :) )

  145. karin says:

    is this updated? Cause i wanna send them the fan mail! Understand that they’re always travelling. :)

  146. Daisy says:


    I’m the first one to write you a small note for the month of May :)
    I just want to let you know that…

    I love you.
    Truly I do.
    No doubt about it.
    My heart, you have it.
    I think about you
    b/c MSBWU :)
    I swear I’ll do
    anything that I have to
    just to see my inspiration
    who has so much dedication
    I get an adrenaline rush
    b/c I love your music so much
    you are so sweet
    BTR music has an awesome beat
    Hope you follow me soon
    If you do, you’re going to make me swoon
    I hope to meet you someday
    So expect that day to come, okay?

    I love you,
    Daisy (Big Time Rusher)

    p.s. I didn’t intentionally make it rhyme… I guess it just happened :)

  147. CallMeARusher says:

    You know that I’ll never doubt you
    And you know that I think about you
    And you know I can’t live without you

    I love the way that you smile :D

    its time to come back to Germany
    we miss you here & you know it…
    please…let’s not wait WE NEED YOU!

    @Maslow_Girl thats my Twitter Account
    please make my life complete & follow me!♥

    i love you darlin

  148. Isabell says:

    Hey my name is Isabell and I love your music I am so stoked for #BigTimeSummerTure lol can’t wait to see y’all in Tulas OK. July 15th =) love you guys!!!

  149. alicia says:

    Hi kendall OMG I have the hugest crush on you and I’m in love with you were meeting July 25th next month I’m thrilled this is going to happen! I can’t wait to meet you its gonna be epic to see you and the guys in person this means so much to me that my dream is coming true well July awaits and if you write me back Aww I’ll be so happy much love XOXO:)

  150. keniia BTR says:

    hi hi kendall I just wanted to tell you that I admire you, you’re a great guy and Boom never let yourself fall for anything and I’m your cover girl haha and your girlfriend but you did not know haha!!! TE QUIERO :) LOVEUSOMUCH!

  151. keniia Likes says:

    I just wanted to tell you that I admire you’re a Big Boy tickets are way too :) I adore my boyfriend but do not want them to know the paparazzis haha LOVEUSOMUCH

  152. Hi Kendall schmidt I really want to meet you in person and I love your guys music a lot and I want to go to your guys concert

  153. Cassie says:

    Hai c: Okai, well what can I say? Kendall Francis Schmidt, you are the sweetest, funniest most caring guy on the planet. Honestly, you have changed my life. How, you ask? It all started out like this:

    My friend showed me a picture of you. She said you were her fave btr guy. At the time, I had no idea what or who btr were. But then, I saw you. You standed out for me, so I Google stalked you :P and then, if your looks weren’t enough, I heard you sing… Kendall you are such an amazing singer. That little girl who plays Katie on your show? She’s the luckiest little girl alive. Just to be able to say she’s worked with you… That’s amazing. And the girl who plays Jo? She’s even luckier. We probably will never meet, and you might not even read this, but if you do then I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for being you. I love you <3

  154. Melanie says:

    Hi BTR!!!! My name is Melanie and i just wanted to say how much i really really really LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!! and I really think you guys are nice boys. Its one of my biggest dream to meet you guys and to be apart of the nickelodeon family and to be a guest on your show because i truly think all of you guys are really funny and i never ever missed one of your episodes, and i just LOOOOOVVVEE!!!!! YOU GUYS SO MUCH AND I REALLY WOULD LOVE FOR YOU TO READ THIS!!!!!! because i never got to go to any of your rockin concerts and i would love too.
    LUV YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    THANKS For Reading :D :P ;D

  155. Melanie says:

    Dear, Kendall Francis Schmidt
    By the way love your middle name. I am a big fan all of you guys, but there something about you Kendall that i love the most. First, i love the way you sing, when you sing it touches my heart when im feeling depressed and when im feeling happy. Second, I love your fun personality and i love your funny faces and your dimples and your laugh, and i like when you make me laugh, like the staring contest video that you and the guys where in, and by the way i beat you LOL!!!. Third, I love how you write your own songs then post them on youtube for the whole world to see, and you were the one who made me want to actually play the guitar, i don’t have one yet but im hoping for one. Forth, i love how you and the guys hug your fans, that shows me that you guys are really caring, and i hope to be one of those fans “Someday”. Well that’s about it. I LOVE YOU KENDALL AND I ALWAYS WILL HOPE TO SEE YOU ONE DAY!!!!,
    Sincerely, Melanie Clark <3<3<3 :D :P ;P

  156. Sasha - Lee says:

    Hi Big Time Rush, my name is Sasha – Lee and i just want to say that you’re amazing and i love you guys so much and i also love your music, i listen to music all the time but i mostly listen to your music, my favourite song is cover girl, i like that song because it has a great meaning that could make any girl feel special. Anyway, my friend and i would love to go to America to become actresses but we don’t know how to do so, i’ve been seaching on the internet for help ever since i was 11, i’m 16 now and the internet hasn’t helped me at all, my friend thinks that this is just a dream and that we can’t make it come true but i kept telling her to be positive and we might actually be lucky but i just don’t know what to do, i even pretend to be an actress sometimes but i’m tired of pretending and my friend and i really want our dream to come true, would you be able to help us, if so then please write back, and remember i love you guys and i would love to meet you guys

  157. Karly says:

    Thanks so much for the Fan Mail!!! Thanksss <3 btw and of Carlos and James?

  158. Karly says:

    Thanks so Much for the Fan Mail, Btw and Carlos and James?

  159. Hi Kendall my name is Daniela Garnica I like your new songs a lot
    Daniela Garnica

  160. Hey!
    So this past summer I worked for a Girl Scout camp and while I was there my love for BTR came out. Now I have always been a fan, but being 19 your friends don’t usually accept your boy band craze. However, at camp I was the cool counselor because I knew about BTR and 1D. Its funny because my roommates and I all have our favorites, mine being Kendall, but we would look stuff up and we had posters covering our bunks. I had this BTR wall. I know I’ll probably never get a response or ever meet Kendall. I went to their concert in ATL this summer and I died. I just wanted to let Kendall know that he is my favorite and even though I’m 19 I will always be a rusher!
    Mara Suarez

  161. Edrey Sinai says:

    hola kendall en mexico te queremos mucho y esperamos que digas unas cuantas palabras como “amo a mis fans mexicanas”, “arriba mexico”, o de preferencia te amo edrey jajaja.. <3

  162. Bianca says:

    Hey Kendall, ( I love to call you Randall :D )!

    I’m brazilian rusher and I’m very sad, bacause When the BTR comes to Brazil in September I will not be able to go, please help me get better …

  163. Bianca says:

    Hi Kendall!

    I’m Bianca, from Brazil and I love you so much… You’re very handsome and I love your voice, your eyes, your hair, I love you, you’re my life, but I feel invisible to you because I send you many tweets all day and you never answer me and that makes me very sad, still love you more every day! ♥

  164. Jessica says:

    Hey Kendall, I’m Jessica, and I just want to say, thank you. You have been the best thing that has ever happened to me. Whenever I’m going through my worst days, I watch a video of you doing something completely insane and hilarious, and I crack up laughing. You always put a smile on my face, and I love how you care about your fans. I went to the August 12th concert, and I screamed that I loved you, and I think you pointed at me. ;) When I listen to the songs invisible, cover girl, and you’re not alone, I feel like that at least I’m not invisible and I’m apart of the world. I love how you say to live your dream. You inspired me to live my dream. My dream is to become a singer, and I’m taking chorus classes in my school. I don’t know if you’ll see this message or not, but, I’ve tried so many ways to get your attention, I made a poster for the August 12th concert, it was neon but, the staff wouldn’t let me take it in because it was too big. :( but I still had an excellent time. Because I saw the person who inspired me to live my dream, an that I’m not invisible, and that you are who you are and don’t change yourself. Thank you, Kendall Schmidt. You made my life excellent. ;) Thank you.- with love, Jessica.

  165. kelcie says:

    kendall i would do anything to meet you in rea life thursday augest 2012 in charlet i had my dream of going to your concert i cryed through out it and when you kissed that girl on the check i wished it was me like i love you to death and i would do anything to meet you i know this is crazy but i jus think im 1 of your number 1 fans and if you read this remember kelcie loves you and my facebook is kelcie riddle i love you so much hopefully if u read this you will reply and i never want you to quit doin what you doin and you have enspired me more than ever to sing and not be afraid to i love you

  166. Karla Escobar says:

    Hy I’m a fan from Guatemala I really love you guys you are amazing! I have a big poster of you in my room ! Guys I only want you to know that with every song you write make me feel very special and I wish that someday I would be in a concert of you! So much love guys! You are the best I have a big cRUSH! \o/ you are amazing! Never give up ! Love you! Karla…. Fan from Guatemala and maybe Fan#1 of you in my country :D

  167. Pauline says:

    Hi my name is Pauline nice to meet you for big time rush I love you

  168. Taylor says:

    Kendall You have changed not only me but the whole world with your music please do not ever stop what you are doing you have inspired me to sing and you have to keep me and others living their dreams don’t stop now you have gotten to far to stop now next year I will meet you in person and believe me I am bouncing off the walls every conversation I talk ends about you and your amazingly talented yet young band

  169. Margarita Rusher says:

    I love being a part of our great rusher family!!! So the only thing I would like to say that i’ve been a rusher for a really long time and I want you to keep up the good work! I’ll be a rusher forever!!! I wish Big Time Rush stay together forever!!! You haven’t come to Europe yet but we know you’re trying so much to come!!! Our Greek Rusher Family can’t wait for your concert!! I begin you to come both in Athens and Thessaloniki (they’re the biggest cities in Greece!) because maybe I can’t go to Athens so I’ll miss the concert:(Anyway, I’ve been a Rusher for two years and I love you sooo much guys!!! I wish I could meet you but I know that some girls’ dreams maybe come true but I’m 100% sure that mine is never going to be real!! Because my dream is to be one of your friends but you live in America and you’re too older than me!!!! Ughhhhhh! I wish I could have a couple of fairly odd parents (i’m talking seriously now!)!

  170. Michèle says:

    Hey guys! hope you’re doing fine.

    well first of all i wanna say thanks for really everything! :)

    And Kendall?! make sure I’ll send a letter to you from Germany soon:)
    Twitter: @ItsMicheleB

  171. Alma karina says:

    I´m btr

  172. Jameslover says:

    Hello I’m valentine in James biggest fan we’ll I’m a fan of all of you guys but I need. Help my dads an alcoholic and your music helps me through the pain and I just want to say thank you and to tell you to keep on going

  173. Konstantina says:

    Hello Kendall, I hope you liked the brashelet I made you, the poem I wrote you and the lyrics I wrote.. I’m not sure you did because you didn’t say a thing and it would have ment a lot to me if you’d said something… Anyway I really like you and you inspire me very musch.. I love BTR and I’m also a HeffronDriver..
    @NtinaNg is my twitter name and if you hit my follow batton I’ll be the happiest person in the world…

  174. BTRlooovers says:

    please follow my in Twitter im BTRloover or Ximena my pic is of logan henderson foollow me please

  175. Gianella says:

    I LOVE YOU GUYS! I’m your number one fan! I wish you the best of the best in their third album! #BTR3rdAlbum And I hope that back you soon to PERU! The rushers in peru → we love them! and miss them! …
    I really admire the real talent you have each of you, sing beautiful, Are handsome *-* You, dance and act AMAZING ! And you are just PERFECT!
    Many successes. and good luck. Greetings from PERU! Xo, Gianella Fuentes. I love them! ♥

  176. Kayla says:

    Hi Kendall its Kayla huge fan love the show love the music love. . . well . . . . everything!Yay tomorrow is my B-Day November 17. I wish I could talk to you for my bday that is my bday wish love BTR so much i almost got to meet you guys but no well i wish i could talk to ya my fave band it the world BTR forever

  177. lilycarter says:

    Kendall(: my names Lily, and I’m a teenage mother.. But my son Lincoln has cerebral palsy but he absolutely loves music. He loves watching your television show. I just wanted to thank you guys so much for your music. I hope it will always inspire my son. Thank you so much. I’m a big, big fan(: keep up the good luck. I hope you reply, but doubt you actually read this… I just wanted to say thanks(:<3 you guys are a fantastic band! Keep up the good work(:

  178. Kevin says:

    Hey there Guys! I’m Kevin Wow! I’m so excited of writing this for you! Ok, where to start…. First, Sorry If my english is bad but I’ll try the best! Well let me start telling to you guys that I’m a great fan of you, you’ve been one of my biggest inspirations, I’m really appreciated of it, Thank you…. Thanks to you I like some things that you like, like the music! I really love the music, When I hear your music, I forget the worries I have in my life, thank you for sharing it, you’ve changed the life to lots of Rushers, I can feel how you sing, the feelings you’re transmitting to everyone who hears you, because your hearts are always in tune, so you’re free to sing, so with that, you can share any feeling you want to tell to your fans, that’s so amazing! and how to appreciate more my friends, they’re the most important to me…. Let me be honest, I had dreams about you guys and always is about a supposed friendship we have….. 3 Times was, One was about we had a great time together like friends, I really like that dream… everything was so real! Another one was but with James, I wanted visit him, so I went to find him to his house, and when I found his house, He let me enter, looks like he wanted a friend or anyone because he looks a little sad, so, I tried to gain his friendship and with the time, more and more I win his friendship but later I saw him very sad, I didn’t know why he was sad, so I tried to support him, being a good friend and do everything to support him, later I saw a tear out of him, I were sad for him too, later the dream it gets darker! It looks like James had the power to control the place according to his mood, so I tried to support him more and telling to why he were sad? But he would not tell me anything because it was a sad experience he had or something, so I said to him: Don’t worry my friend, If you have any problems, I’m here to supporting you, because we are friends and that’s what the friends do, so please don’t be sad :) , so he got better and the place got back to the normal because he was happy again, but I had to go…. So he tell me: I’ll see you again, my friend? and I stop to go and answer: Yes! Of course! We are friends, I promise…. and the dream ends with a smile from James and with a big and nice light….. I have some dreams about our friendship, But I’m sad because I know that’s an imaginary friendship or something, because you don’t know me in the real life But that’s not going to discourage me…. Because I promise someday I’ll be your friend in real life! and I don’t care how many years I have to wait to know you and finally be your friend…… I don’t know why you’re not recognized by different awards? That’s unfair! You’re one of the best bands in the worldwide! You deserve more than you have, Trust me :) but don’t worry guys! You have us! Your FANS! Your Rushers! We are the proof of your success! So we always are with you…. From Spirit, Heart and Soul, and I don’t care the distance because there’s a sky who always connect us…. Before I go to sleep I always pray for you….. because I really don’t want anything bad happen to you….. Because you’re my friends and you’re the most important to me, like my other friends, they’re important too! I hope someday you will come to ecuador! For now I’m still waiting for you, thanks guys….. Thank you for be one of inspirations….. Thank you very much……

  179. Carlos Henderson says:

    Kendall, please answer me. I have a great idea for Big Time Rush. It’s very important. Please answer me.

  180. ashlie says:

    hey guys, i’m a big fan espically your music. i love all the songs. i wish i can sing with you guys.
    james, kendall, carlos, and logan your the amazing band i ever seen. probably one day i can be friends with you. i watch your show too.

  181. And BTW, you guys are all beautiful inside and out, i could never do what you do, I hope when you read this, that you realize that you are ones that I live for. One of the reasons I am alive. Please. Help. Me. I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just poured my heart out to you, and I couldnt have ever asked for more fm you guys!!! I love you guys sooo much. If you have’t noticed I have been trying to explain the way I feel about you guys, but I just can’t.. words can’t explain, they way that my heart goes off beating whenever I hear anything about BTR. You encourage me to follow my dreams, and to keep being who I am. The way my heart beats when I hear you guys sing, or see you guys EVER, its unrealistic. To be honest, (and im not lying when i say this) When i went to your guys concert, my friend was by me, and said “dude do you hear that pounding?” she looked at me, and i was about to faint! she looked at me, and felt my arm, and she could feel me shaking, and could feel my heartbeat!!!!!!! IT WAS AMAZING!!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS ALL TO DEATH PLEASE PLEASE PLESAE PLEASE PLEASE READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS!!!! ~Karista Marie~

  182. Hahaha and I almost forgot on my birthday, I got a BTR cake, and EVERYTHING WAS COMPLETLY BTR THEMED!!!!!!! And then on halloween we dressed up as cardboard cutouts of you guys! I was the EXTREME #1 RUSHER, my friends were you guys!! IT WAS AWESOME!!! Now only if it actually really you guys, I WOULD DIE :D

  183. jazzy says:

    i’m your guys number 1 fan. i got some ideaes you should make jo a warewolf like kendell. u guys should also have a contest again. the other thing that will be rellay cool you should have 1 d coupet aginst u guys to see who is the best band

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